5 Interesting Similarities Between Chackochan And Shalini!

Chackochan And Shalini are one of the most celebrated onscreen couples ever in the history of the Malayalam film industry. Many of us indeed wished to get married in real life as well. However, Shalini married Tamil actor Ajith in 2000, and Kunchacko Boban married Priya Ann Samuel in 2005. Here are some interesting similarities between Kunchacko Boban and Shalini.

5 Interesting Similarities Between Chackochan And Shalini

1. November babies

5 interesting similarities between Chackochan and Shalini

They both are November babies; sounds interesting, right? Kunchacko Boban was born to Boban Kunchacko and Molly Kunchacko on November 2, 1976, while Shalini Kumar was born to Babu and Alice on November 20, 1979. Chackochan’s father was a film director, while Shalini’s was an aspiring actor who couldn’t make it big in the film industry.

2. Badminton players

Chackochan And Shalini

They both are good badminton players. Shalini has even played in some state-level badminton championships. Ajith Kumar, Shalini’s husband, recently converted their backyard into a badminton court to support her. Likewise, Kunchacko Boban represented Kerala Royals in Celebrity Badminton League held in 2016.

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3. Have two siblings

Chackochan is the eldest of three children, while Shalini is the middle child. He has two younger sisters, and Shalini has one elder brother and a younger sister. Interestingly, her sister Shamlee shared screen space with Chackochan in the 2016 Malayalam movie Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti.

4. Debuted with Mohanlal starrers

Kunchacko Boban debuted with the 1981 Malayalam movie Dhanya, starring Mohanlal and Srividya in lead roles, as a child artist. Shalini’s debut movie as a child artist was Ente Mamattukkuttiyammakku, released in 1983, starring Mohanlal and Bharath Gopi in lead roles. Interestingly, both movies were directed by Fazil.

5. Aniyathipraavu

Lovestruck: How Kunchacko Boban-Shalini's Aniyathipraavu redefined romance and also respect for parents

As all we know, Aniyathipraavu is the first movie in which they appeared in lead roles. The film was a blockbuster and ran over 300 days in many centers. Later, they enthralled the audience with their incredible chemistry in movies, including Nakshathrathaarattu, Prem Poojari, and Niram.

Final Words

Chackochan and Shalini share some remarkable similarities that are worth acknowledging. From their choice of profession to their passion for fitness, these two celebrities are more alike than we might have thought. Not only do they both possess an unyielding determination to succeed in their careers, but they also value family and prioritize their personal life. It’s fascinating to see how two seemingly different individuals can have so much in common! As we continue to admire and celebrate these stars, remember the unique traits that make them stand out. Who knows? Maybe there are even more similarities waiting to be uncovered!

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