Records Broken By Pulimurugan At Kerala and Cochin Box Offices

The Malayalam film industry has witnessed numerous blockbuster movies over the years, but none have broken records quite like “Pulimurugan.” Released in 2016, the movie has set new benchmarks for box office collections not just in Kerala but across the country. With superstar Mohanlal in the lead role and a gripping storyline, “Pulimurugan” has become a cultural phenomenon, with fans eagerly awaiting the sequel. In this article, we will take a closer look at the records broken by “Pulimurugan” at the box office and explore what made this movie so popular among audiences.

Here we list the records broken by Pulimurugan at Kerala and Cochin box offices.

1. Highest Number of Screens in Kerala for a Malayalam Movie

Pulimurugan was released on about 214 screens in Kerala, including fan shows and special shows, and this is the biggest release in the Malayalam film industry so far. Earlier, Mohanlal – Renjith team’s Loham, which was released on 140 screens in Kerala, held this record.

2. Highest First Day Grosser for a Malayalam film In Kerala

Pulimurugan had a marvelous opening at the box office and collected 4.08 Crores from the Kerala box office and broke the record created by Dulquer Salmaan’s Kali, which had a releasing day collection of 2.33 Crores. Thus, Pulimurugan became the first Malayalam movie to cross the four Crore mark on its opening day.

3. Highest Single Day Collection Record at the Kerala Box Office

Pulimurugan earned a whopping collection of 4.83 Crores on its third day after release and created a new record. This was the highest collection earned by a movie in a single day at the Kerala box office. On its opening day, Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali held this record with a collection of 4.27 Crores. Later Pulimurugan crossed the lifetime collection of Kabali at the Kerala box office too.

4. Fastest 10 Crore Movie

Within three days of run, Pulimurugan has broken the fastest Malayalam movie to collect 10 Crores and surpassed Oppam’s record. Oppam took 6 days to cross the 10 Crores mark. As per the reports, the Pulimurugan had collected 12.92 Crores from its 3 days run in Kerala alone and the rest of India collection is not included with this. It is also the faster 5 Crores Malayalam movie in Kerala Boxoffice as well.

5. Fastest 20 Crore Movie

The box office collection of Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan is increasing day by day and has already collected more than 20 Crores from the Kerala box office within five days of its theatrical release. Thus, Pulimurugan broke Oppam’s record and became the fastest to cross the 20 Crore mark. Mohanlal’s recent release Oppam had collected 20 Crores in 11 days.

6. Fastest 30 Crore Movie

Pulimurugan has crossed 30 crores mark within 10 days in Kerala box office and became the fastest to do so. The previous record was held by Mohanlal starrer Oppam. It is quite astonishing that the movie has raked more than 3 crores on average each day.

7. Fastest 40 Crore Movie

On the 14th day, the movie crossed the landmark of 40 crores from the Kerala box office only with a share of  18.67 crores. It has broken the drishyam record in the share, which had a share of 17 crores.

8. Surpassed Kali Record in Ernakulam Multiplexes

One another record set by Pulimurugan is in Ernakulam multiplexes by thrashing the record set by Dulquer Salmaan’s Charlie. Pulimurugan had collected 57 lakhs from Eranakulam multiplexes while Charlie had earned only 54 lakhs from its first 4 days run. The occupancy level of Pulimurugan at Ernakulam multiplexes in its first 4 days was around 99%.

9. Fastest 1 Crore & 2 Crores gross at Cochin Multiplexes

On the 8th day after its release, the movie crossed the 1 Crore mark in Cochin Multiplexes from 322 shows. 68,882 viewers have viewed the movies, with an occupancy of 97.5%. It has beaten the record set by another Mohanlal movie Oppam. Even though Harthal affected the collection on the 8th day, the business of the movie is steady.

10. Fastest Malayalam movie to have 50,000 viewers at Cochin Multiplexes !!

At Cochin Multiplexes, the movie crossed 50,000 viewers on the 6th day.

11. Fastest Malayalam movie to cross 10,000 shows

It completed 10,000 shows globally on the 14th day after its release, which is the fastest record for a Malayalam movie.

12 Highest share for a Malayalam movie

Pulimurugan has broken the record of Drishyam for the highest share in the Kerala box office. It has now got a share of 18.76 crores in just 14 days, while Drishyam got 17+ crores from its lifetime run only. It became 1st 20cr+ budget malayalam movie to cover production costs from the Kerala theatre run. Kerala shares crossed 25 cr in 25 days.

13 Fastest 2 Crore movie in Kochi Multiplex

On the 16th day, the movie crossed 2 Crores in Kochi multiplexes and thus became the fastest to do so. Jungle Book was the fastest before, and it crossed 2 crores in 19 days. Among the Malayalam films, Jacobinte Swargarajyam holds the record, which took 23 days to cross this landmark there.

14 Highest grosser at Kerala box office

It was believed that the record set by Drishyam as the highest grosser in the Kerala box office would be unbreakable in the near future. Well, now it is history. Pulimurugan has grossed 45+ Crores in the Kerala box office in just 16 days!!

15. First 50 Crore movies at Kerala Box office

Records are getting broken at the Kerala box office after the release of this Vysakh movie. It became the first movie to collect 50 Crores from the Kerala box office in just 25 days.

16 Highest grosser at Cochin Multiplexes

The movie has become the highest Malayalam grosser at Kochi multiplexes by collecting 3.11 Crores in just 30 days. It became the first Malayalam movie to do so in Kochi.

17. More than 2 Lakh viewers at Cochin Multiplexes

More than 2 lakh viewers have watched the movie at Cochin Multiplexes only. 2,00,220 tickets have been sold out in just 30 days in the multiplexes at Cochin.

18 Biggest release for an Indian film in the GCC region

Pulimurugan made a grand opening in the GCC region on November 03, 2016. People enjoyed this action thriller at 630 screens on its opening day. Thus, the records of Kabali (425 shows) and Salman Khan’s Sultan (225 shows) were beaten.

19. Highest-grossing South Indian movie at Newzealand

Pulimurugan became the highest grosser among the South Indian films released in Newzealand. According to the distributor, the movie has beaten the collection records set by big-budget Tamil movies Theri and I.

20. First Malayalam movie to be released in Poland.

It became the first Malayalam movie to be released in Poland. It was released on November 05, 2016, in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

21. First movie to collect 3 crores from Thiruvananthapuram city

Pulimurugan has become the first movie to collect 3 crores from Trivandrum city. It was reported that the movie got 3.48 Crore in 21 days in the capital city of Kerala. Rajamanikyam was the first movie to collect 1 crore and Drishyam was the first 2 crore movie at Trivandrum

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