Thoppil Joppan v/s Pulimurugan: A Justified Comparison?

Everyone knows two synonyms of Malayalam Cinema, Mohanlal and Mammootty, are clashing at the Kerala box office this Pooja release. Both movies, Thoppil Joppan, and Pulimurugan are getting positive reports after the fans’ show.  ans are going berserk on social media with each other to tarnish films of each other. Thoppil Joppan v/s Pulimurugan: Is this comparison of the two films fair?

Thoppil Joppan vs Pulimurugan

#1. Different Genres

It is nearly impossible to create two artworks with similar quality or appeal. It is impossible when two films fall into different genres. Pulimurugan falls into the action thriller genre, while Thoppil Joppan is a comedy-drama. Both these films have different flavors, so the comparison has no results.

#2. Different Budgets

Pulimurugan is a big-budget movie that uses VFX technology and an overseas stunt director to produce high-quality work. It is believed that the budget of Pulimurugan is 25 crores. On the other hand, the story of  Thoppil Joppan never demands such enhancement in the movie. It was made with a budget of close to 5 crores. So people can’t expect the same action scenes in Thoppil Joppan. They should have a mindset of watching comedy entertainers before Thoppil Joppan.

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#3. Past characters

This won’t always work. Nowadays, even remakes fail miserably at the box office; how can fans expect similar magic after a long time? Both Mammootty and Mohanlal did similar types of roles in the past. Mammootty played ‘achayan’ roles in Kottayam kunjachan, Kizhakkan path rose, etc. When released, Kottayam Kunjachan became a huge success, and everyone loved his character. Fans expect the same magic after 26 years, but it may not always work. Similarly, Mohanlal played a similar role in Naran as Mullankolli velayudhan. When it comes to the story, Naran wins the race over Pulimurugan.

Pulimurugan Official Trailer | Mohanlal | Vysakh |  Mulakuppadam Films

#4. Different Directors

Each director has their way of interpreting the big screen stories. Johny Antony has done movies like CID Moosa, Thuruppugulan, and Thappana. He had a mixed success-failure rate at the box office. The same is the case with Vysakh. The fans learning the images of artists may support these technicians in the future when they do their superstar movies.

#5. Super Stardom

Superstardom does not reap success at the box office always. Malayalam audiences proved it many times. If the movie is not entertaining enough, people reject it immediately. Unwanted hype and false movie promotions may attract some audiences initially. But WOM still holds the key to the success of a movie at the box office.

The Complete Actor v/s The Mega Star

#6. Confused Movie Lovers

Most online promoters are getting good money for writing good reviews for not-so-good movies. Also, they are not given enough exposure for good films for good movies since they are not paid enough. If you think many recent hit movies do not have the qualities of many flops in the 80s or 90s. Most neutral movie lovers are confused because of the mixed reports they get online. Take the example of Guppy; people were skeptical about taking the frequent requests made by artists to watch the movie. The result, a good film did not fare well at the box office.

Thoppil Joppan Official Trailer HD | Mammootty | Andreah Jeremiah | Mamtha Mohandas | Johny Antony

Both Pulimurugan and Thoppil Joppan are separate works done by skillful artists. Ordinary people will decide the destiny of movie people. Better fans appreciate good results rather than demoting each other’s work. A negative response may be enough to destroy the effort put in by hundreds of people behind each cinema. Let the people watch it in the theatre to decide the destiny of movies rather than tarnishing the images of great artists.

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