‘695’ movie Release Date, Cast, Plot & All We Know So Far

The film industry buzzes with excitement as audiences eagerly await the unveiling of “695,” a movie that promises to deliver cinematic intrigue and suspense.

In this article, we explore the details surrounding the release date of “695,” delving into the anticipation, speculations, and official announcements that surround this upcoming cinematic venture.

Join us as we count down to the much-anticipated release, where mystery and storytelling converge in the world of “695.”


About ‘695’ movie

A new Hindi movie called Six Nine Five (695) is coming out soon, and it will be a lot of fun. Six Nine Five (695) is a movie to watch in the coming months. It has a great cast and team.

Cast and Crew of ‘695’ movie


The talented Yogesh Bhardwaj directed the film, which stars Govind Namdeo, Arun Govil, Mukesh Tiwari, and Garima Agarwal, among many other well-known players. Many well-known actors, like Manoj Joshi, Akhilendra Mishra, Ashok Samarth, Dheeraj Singh, and Gajendra Chauhan, are also in the movie and are sure to give great performances.

When will ‘695’ movie come out?

Box office Budget says that the long-awaited Six Nine Five movie will likely appear in cinemas on January 19, 2024. The actual release date has yet to be set, though. We are constantly looking for more information on this subject and will keep adding the newest information to this article.

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Plot of ‘695’ movie

The official plot details still need to be available in the search results. Based on the limited information, the movie is expected to be a 500-year saga that chronicles the relentless struggle and sacrifice for the Ram Mandir. The story is believed to be based on the Ram Janambhumi Struggle.


What would its title indicate?

According to SakshiPost, The title “695” of the movie references the 500-year struggle and sacrifice for the Ram Mandir, a significant part of Indian heritage.

The film aims to resonate with every Indian by presenting the facts behind this monumental victory. The number “695” is likely to have symbolic significance related to the historical and cultural context of the film.

Trailer of ‘695’ movie

Official Trailer: 695 Ram Ki Janmabhoomi Latest Hindi Film |

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