Who Is Youtuber Anthony Fantano Wife? Everything You Need To Know!

Anthony fantano is an american youtuber who runs the channel and website “the needle drop.” in his youtube videos and website, he discusses and reviews music from various genres. He has a significant following due to his exciting reviews, which are filled with helpful information. His reviews are also known for their sharp analysis and honest opinions. New york times even named him “the most popular music critic in 2020. However, one question remains: who is anthony fantano’s wife? In this article, we tell you about who is anthony fantano’s wife.

Who Is Anthony Fantano Wife?

Anthony fantano wife name is dominique. She is an american citizen, as she was born and raised in the united states. Dominique has mentioned that she is the youngest in her family, but she has not disclosed the names of her parents or siblings. She has african-american heritage and holds american citizenship. While her date of birth is unknown, she is believed to be in her thirties.

Anthony Fantano Wife

When Did Anthony Fantano And Dominique Boxley Marry?

The couple got married in the middle of the 2010s. Since anthony fantan is private about his personal life, we still need to find out exactly when they will get married. One can only guess their wedding year by watching the reviewer’s youtube videos. Anthony and dominique appeared together in 2011’s valentine’s day. First, anthony told dominique he was dating her. They later exchanged their vows in secret, away from the eyes of the media.

How Did Anthony Fantano And Dominique Boxley Meet?

In the late 2000s, they first talked to each other online. They both liked music, so they hit it off right away. Then anthony and dominique made plans to meet for the first time. Anthony was 30 minutes late because he was busy with other things.

But even though they had a hard time getting along at first, they liked each other and went on their first trip together to hershey, pennsylvania. Later, anthony and dominique went to las vegas, where they gambled and won more than $300.

Is Anthony Fantano Still Married To Dominique Boxley?

Anthony’s marriage is so private that there were rumors that he and dominique might split up at some point. The story happened because he kept his wife out of the spotlight for a long time and never talked about her. This move was strange since, at first, it seemed like she would be in many of his videos.

Anthony made it that way because people were talking a lot about their mixed-race marriage instead of the content of his videos, which is what the youtube channel is supposed to be about.

So, if you’re wondering if they’re still together or if they’ve split up, you’ll be happy to hear that anthony and dominique are still married and happy. But they aren’t in the news as much as they used to be.

Anthony and dominique denied the claims in a youtube video posted on february 14, 2018, and the two did so together. The following is what they said about the rumors:

According to you guys, we have been broken up for several years… we’ve just been relationship-wise, just kind of under the radar because our privacy is important, but you know my online show is about my opinions on music. It’s not about my marriage…

Is Anthony Fantano Still Married To Dominque Boxley ?

Do Anthony Fantano And Dominique Boxley Have Children?

Even though they have been together for a long time, there is no information that they have children. Fantano has not publicly confirmed having any children.

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