Is Alan Stokes Still Alive or Dead?

YouTube star Alan Stokes is a beautiful young personality with widespread online renown. Indeed, he and his twin brother Alex Stokes launched their careers by launching the Stokes twins youtube channel.

He and his sibling used this platform to share videos across genres. Pranks and other bizarre video genres, however, are heavily represented.

However rumors are being spread about the obituary of Alan Stokes these days. Let us find out the truth from this article.

Is Alan Stokes Still Alive or Dead?

Alan Stokes, the youtube star is still alive. However his name was misunderstood from the news of a personality with the same name.

On June 11, 2023, at age 78, Alan R. Stokes passed away at his family’s house in Ernest, Pennsylvania. Alan Stokes is the offspring of Arthur Henry and Mildred (Williams) Stokes.

Alan’s birthday is April 16th, which puts his birth year as 1945. Alan graduated with his class from Indiana Area High School in 1963.

Alan worked with FMC Corp. for 36 years before leaving in 2007. Alan loved spending time with his loved ones around an open campfire, going to car shows, and working on his 1975 Mercury Comet.

alan stokes

Alan was a “die-hard” Steelers fan as well. Alan will be remembered as a devoted family man who went above and beyond for his wife, children, grandchildren, and siblings.

Alan’s 58-year-old wife, Polly (Gruda) Stokes, and their children Alan A. (Yvonne) Stokes, Wendy (Scott) MacMillan, Jeffrey (Sarah) Stokes, Susan (Scott) Lowry, and Marcie (Alan) Stokes are still here to mourn their loss.

His sister Pamela Stokes of Elderton, Pennsylvania, and brother-in-law Janet Stokes of Indiana, Pennsylvania, also survive him, as do seventeen grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren.

Alan’s family included his son Lukas, grandchild, brothers David, Edgar, and Arthur “Chub” Stokes, all of whom had passed away before him. On Wednesday, June 14th, 2023, from 4 to 6 pm, the John A. Lefdahl Funeral Home was open for visitation.

The family had an exclusive viewing on Thursday, June 15th, 2023, from 10 to 11 am. Immediately following the viewing, Rev. William Blair presided over a funeral ceremony in the Lefdahl Chapel for family and friends.

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Who are Stokes Twins?

Alan and Alex Chen Stokes are Chinese-American twins who have amassed an online following of 19.9 million and 31.1 million subscribers and followers on YouTube and TikTok, respectively.

alan stokes

They started filming videos individually but eventually decided to pool their fan bases under one name. Based on average episode views as of 2022, their YouTube channel is the ninth largest in the world.

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