Is Fox 21’s Vibiana Molina Arrested? Controversial Trespassing Incident Goes Viral!

A TikTok video capturing an alleged trespassing incident involving former Fox 21 official Vibiana Molina has gone viral, raising questions about whether she has been arrested. The video shows a woman, identified as Vibiana Molina, entering a neighbour’s house without permission to make a noise complaint. This article explores the incident, provides an update on Vibiana Molina’s arrest status, and discusses the reactions surrounding the controversy.

Who is Vibiana Molina?

Vibiana Molina is an accomplished professional in the entertainment industry, currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Business Affairs at Chernin Entertainment. With extensive experience in business and legal affairs, she has played a crucial role in managing the operations and success of various series and projects.

Vibiana Molina

Before joining Chernin Entertainment, Molina held a similar position as the EVP of Business and Legal Affairs for Fox 21 Television Studios, a cable and streaming production company. Throughout her career, she has contributed significantly to the success of notable productions, including popular shows like Glee, Star, and Empire.

Vibiana Molina’s professionalism and expertise in the entertainment industry have earned her respect and recognition among industry peers. She makes valuable contributions to the field by overseeing business operations and legal matters.

The Alleged Trespassing Incident

A TikTok user named DeVante Deschwanden, known as @deschwanden on the platform, shared a video on June 12, 2023, where a woman enters his house without consent. Although DeVante initially did not recognize the woman, TikTok users quickly identified her as Vibiana Molina, the executive vice president of business affairs at Chernin Entertainment and former Fox 21 employee. The video gained significant attention and sparked debates about Molina’s behaviour and potential consequences.

Vibiana Molina

According to the video, the woman entered the house before 10 p.m., threatened the residents, and left the premises. The incident raised questions about her actions and potential legal consequences.

Is Vibiana Molina Arrested?

According to Fresherslive, Vibiana Molina has not been arrested regarding the alleged trespassing incident. The TikTok video has garnered significant attention, prompting speculation about the consequences she may face for her actions. It is unclear whether authorities investigate the incident further or if any legal steps will be taken.

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Reactions and Controversy

The Times states that the viral video has generated strong reactions on social media, with many users expressing their disapproval of Molina’s alleged trespassing and hostile behaviour. Some users have called for her removal from Chernin Entertainment, while others have criticized the studio for employing someone involved in such an incident. However, it should be noted that Chernin Entertainment has not responded to the video or made any public statement regarding the situation.

Vibiana Molina


The alleged trespassing incident involving Vibiana Molina has generated public interest and curiosity. While Vibiana Molina has not been arrested for the incident captured in the viral TikTok video, the incident has raised questions about her actions and potential legal repercussions. Further developments, in this case, may emerge in the future as authorities assess the situation.


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