Who Is Mia Khalifa Husband Robert Sandberg? Why Did They Split Up?

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American media personality, former pornographic film actress, and webcam model. Khalifa began acting in pornography in October 2014 and became the most viewed performer on Pornhub in two months. She received death threats from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) as a result. Khalifa eventually left the porn industry but retained her presence on social media, where she still has a large following.

In her personal life, Mia Khalifa found love with Robert Sandberg, with whom she entered into a marriage. Their relationship captured the attention and curiosity of her fans and the public. However, their journey together took an unexpected turn, ultimately resulting in their separation.

In this article, we will delve into the story of Mia Khalifa’s husband, Robert Sandberg, shedding light on their relationship and exploring the circumstances that led to their split. Join us as we uncover the details surrounding their partnership and seek to understand the reasons behind their separation.

Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg

Who Is Robert Sandberg?

Robert Sandberg, a Swedish-American chef, television personality, Instagram star, and entrepreneur. He was born on January 17, 1993, making him 28 years old. With a remarkable culinary journey, Sandberg has had the privilege of working in some of the world’s most renowned kitchens. His exceptional skills led him to achieve victory in the prestigious World chefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge in 2016.

Beyond his culinary achievements, Sandberg is also known for his married to Mia Khalifa. Notably, Sandberg’s body is adorned with tattoos, adding to his unique persona. Having been born and raised in Sweden, Sandberg’s passion for cooking has been a lifelong aspiration. It was during his tenure at the Michelin-starred restaurant Kong Hans Kaelder in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he had the opportunity to meet Mia Khalifa for the first time, sparking the beginning of their relationship.

Who Is Robert Sandberg?

How Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Meet?

Robert Sandberg used to work at Kong Hans Kaelder, a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a Michelin star. This is where he met Mia Khalifa. However, they have yet to determine exactly when they met. They started dating in 2018.

How Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Meet

When Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Get Engaged?

Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg were engaged on March 14, 2019. Sandberg asked Khalifa to marry her during a dinner date at the Smyth Restaurant in Chicago. He put the engagement ring in a bowl of dried ingredients and served it as a new dish. Khalifa was too eager to try the things that couldn’t be eaten, so he started to eat them, only to find the ring.

When Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Get Engaged?

When Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Get Married?

In 2019, Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg tied the knot. No one knows exactly when they got married, but it was a private service at their home. A lot of their friends and followers sent them messages of congratulations.

When Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Get Married

Why Did Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Spilt Up?

On July 21, 2021, former adult actress Mia Khalifa announced her spilt with her husband. Even though she and Robert Sandberg tried “their absolute hardest,” she called off their wedding. The media star had put off her wedding until June 2020 because of the Covid outbreak, but she has now canceled the reception for good.

Mia and Robert married legally at their home in 2020 and had just enjoyed their first wedding anniversary. But they were supposed to have a party for friends and family late at night, which has since been canceled. Mia posted on Instagram that the couple had broken up, along with a picture of their shadows in black and white.

She wrote:

“We can confidently say we gave it our all in making our marriage work but after almost a year of therapy and efforts we are walking away knowing we have a friend in each other, and that we truly tried.

“We will always love and respect each other because we know that not one isolated incident caused our split, but rather, a culmination of unresolvable, fundamental differences that no one can blame the other for.”

mia insta post

She said they both have “no regrets” and will stay in touch through “family, friends, and our love for our dogs.”

Mia said the breakup was “long overdue,” but she also said that the two of them “can walk away saying we tried our very best.”

Has Mia Khalifa Been Married Before?

The former Pornhub star was married for three years as an adult, from 2011 to 2014. No one knows who her ex-husband was, but it was said that she got married right after high school when she started her pornographic job. In March 2019, Sandberg asked her to marry him. In 2019, the two got married. The 28-year-old man worked as a chef and lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Mia and their dog Bella.

Has Mia Khalifa Been Married Before?

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