Rapper SPM Jail Release Date: Exploring the Controversial Case Of The Rapper!

Carlos Coy, known by his stage name SPM (South Park Mexican), has had a tumultuous journey in rap. From his rise as a promising artist to facing severe legal troubles, his story has captivated fans and sparked debates. This article delves into the details surrounding SPM’s imprisonment, his expected release date from jail, and the ongoing discussions about his case.

Who is Rapper SPM?

SPM is a rapper from the United States. His real name is Carlos Coy. He was born in the South Park area of Houston, Texas, on October 5, 1970.

Coy may have worked as a drug dealer and been in and out of school when he was young. Carlos Coy was born in Houston, Texas.

He grew up in South Park, Houston, where his name comes from. So, the name “South Park Mexican” was made. But he had to go through a lot before he became well-known in the music business. He dropped out of high school, worked at a chemical plant for minimum wage, sold perfume door to door, and even sold crack cocaine.


The singer for the band High So High put out his first record, Hillwood, in 1995. He has a daughter whose name is Carley Coy. Coy started the independent record label Dope House Records, and while he was in jail, he put out nine albums.

When Devils Strike, his album from 2006, reached No. 2 on the US Independent Albums chart. His following two albums, The Last Chair Violinist and The Son of Norma, hit No. 3 and No. 9, respectively.

Rapper SPM Jail Release Date

Carlos Coy was convicted in 2002 for aggravated assault of a child, resulting in a 45-year prison sentence. He is serving at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas. The expected release date for SPM is set for April 8, 2047. However, there is a possibility of parole eligibility in 2024, potentially leading to an earlier release, pending the parole board’s decision.

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Why Did SPM Go to Jail?

Carlos Coy went to jail on May 30, 2002, for sexually assaulting a child who was nine years old in a terrible way. The event is said to have happened in 2001. During his trial, the judges added a new charge related to a horrifying circumstance in 1993 when he reportedly got a 13-year-old girl pregnant.

In March 2002, two more charges were filed for sexually assaulting two 14-year-old girls. Coy was also fined $10,000 for the attack on the child, a friend of his daughter’s, in 2001. It is said that the attack happened at a party he had for Carley.


For his horrible acts, he got a substantial 45-year sentence. He was put behind bars at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas when he was 31. Coy says he is not guilty. According to The US Sun, He can get parole in 2024 but isn’t expected to leave until April 8, 2047.

When Did SPM Go to Jail?

SPM’s legal trial concluded in May 2002, resulting in his conviction for aggravated assault of a child. Following the trial, he received his prison sentence on May 30, 2002. Coy was subsequently incarcerated at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas. The timing of his imprisonment has raised significant debate and scrutiny, prompting discussions about the complex relationship between an artist’s personal life and musical career.

When will SPM be Free from Jail?

In 2002, SPM was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault and sentenced to 45 years. He has been in prison for almost 20 years at this time. He still has more than twenty years left on his term. In 2047, he will be free.



SPM is an American rapper, record producer, and sex abuser. In 2002, he was put in jail for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl who was his daughter’s friend. Even though he said he wasn’t guilty, he was sentenced to 45 years.

This is not his first time being sent to prison, but he has always gotten out. His official release date is April 8, 2047, but he could get out of jail early in 2024.

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