What Happened Between Love Island’s Wes Nelson And Arabella Chi?

Another pair of ex-lovers met when former Love Island contestant Wes Nelson and UK garage star Craig David performed for the show’s cast.

Wes, who is now focusing on his music career, used to date Arabella Chi, who is now in the villa with the hot Joe Garratt.

People thought Arabella would be tense because she had to dance to her ex’s performance, but she didn’t seem to be bothered as she danced with the other islanders.

How long did they go out together, and why did it end? What do we know about the connection between Arabella and Wes?


What Happened Between Love Island’s Wes Nelson And Arabella Chi?

Arabella was in season 5 in 2019, while Wes was in the season before that the year before. Arabella fell in love with model Danny Williams as soon as she got on the show.

However, their relationship came to an end when she was shockingly thrown out of the house after only eight days by the other contestants.

There were rumors that Wes, who was 21 years old at the time, and Arabella, who was 28 years old, were dating in July 2019 after getting close over a few romantic dinners, according to The Sun.

The next month, they confirmed their relationship and went on an expensive vacation to places like the Maldives and Ibiza.

They moved in together three months after that because their relationship seemed to be getting stronger all the time. As a birthday present to Wes, the model wrote on Instagram, “It’s a very special day today because it’s this special person’s birthday.”


I think you should get a prize, @wes.nelson. I love you and you get me.” In March 2020, Wes talked about how the two of them were locked up together during the Covid-19 drills. “It’s been fine,” he told OK! It’s tough to leave right now, isn’t it?

It’s just that we want to get our daily exercise. Since we already spend a lot of time together, it’s been fine for us to be alone because it’s the same thing we were doing before. We’re just not going out as much. The only thing we do is run and walk around the yard.

We’ll bring the dog with us when we go for a run. It came out in April 2020 that the two had broken up. Wes and Arabella moved out of their shared home because they no longer got along. Their six-year age difference is thought to have played a part.

“It’s over,” a person close to the couple told The Sun. “As time went on, they grew farther apart, and their age difference became clear.”

“They want to remain civil with each other and hope to remain friends.” They said: “There’s been no funny business, no cheating or anything like that, it’s just fizzled out between them.”


When did Wes Nelson and Arabella Chi date?

People thought Wes and Arabella were dating in July 2019 after seeing each other on several dates. The next month, they made it official that they were dating, and they went on several lovely vacations together.

After being together for three months, they moved in together and were locked down together when Covid hit.

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Why did Wes Nelson and Arabella Chi break up?

In April 2020, it was reported that Wes and Arabella had broken up. Capital FM says that the reason given was their six-year age difference. Wes was 22 years old and Arabella was 28 years old at the time.

“It’s over,” a source told the newspapers. As time went on, they grew farther apart, and their age difference became clear. “They want to keep their cool with each other and stay friends.” It’s over between them; there was no cheating or other bad behavior.


Wes started dating Megan Barton Hanson while he was on Love Island season four in 2018. They came in fourth place but lost to Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, who won the show.

Arabella first showed up on Love Island in season 5, a year after Wes. She is now back on the island for Love Island All-Stars. Wes now lives with his friend Josh Denzel, who used to be on Love Island.

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