Who is Karan Johar Wife? Why Karan Johar Stated He Wants a Wife Like Kareena Kapoor?

Karan Johar is an accomplished filmmaker from India who has established himself outside the Bollywood film industry. Karan is also a fantastic host, and he has a program that’s a lot of fun called Koffee With Karan.

The media and his followers are always curious about Karan’s love life, regardless of how busy he is with his career endeavors. Everyone is wondering who Karan Johar is currently dating.

Is Karan Johar married?

CAknowledge reports that Karan Johar’s wife is named Ruchi Maheshwari. Put the rumors to rest; Karan is unmarried and has been a single parent to his twins.

Karan Johar

Who is Karan Johar Wife?

People in India have been curious about Karan Johar’s wife since he began sharing photos of his children on social media. After all that preparation, Karan Johar finally tweeted the news.

The internet was a buzz with talk of Karan Johar’s wife. Instead of getting married, Karan Johar has opted to have children through medical means.

PostToast claims that There is no such thing as Karan Johar’s wife, so stop looking for her.

As per Hindustan Times, Karan declared that:

“After so many years of being single, I realised I am so used to being the master of my day and night. I feel like I am only accountable to my two children and mum. I don’t want to bring in any other person anymore.

I’m never saying never, but I have never been in a solid relationship in all my 50 years. There have been fleeting instances that I felt could have been a potential relationship, but it never fructified.

Because, I am the first one to run out. I also feel like I am really messed up in that department.”

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Why Karan Johar Stated He Wants a Wife Like Kareena Kapoor?

Karan Johar, a prominent figure in the Bollywood industry, once expressed his desire to marry an actress like Kareena Kapoor in an interview. In a follow-up interview, KJO revealed that he considers Kareena a close friend and is enamored with her magnetic presence. In interviews, Kareena Kapoor repeatedly stated that Karan Johar is merely a close friend.

Social media has been rife with allegations that Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor are secretly in love, but both stars have publicly dismissed the claims.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar admitted to having a crush on Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna, now Akshay Kumar’s wife.

The speculations surrounding Karan Johar’s alleged romantic involvements in the entertainment world have made him a popular Google search term. Karan Johar reportedly attempted to tell Twinkle Khanna of his feelings for her back when he was considering making her his wife.

He confessed his feelings to her when they were still in school together. But Twinkle declined Karan Johar’s proposal, and he soon realized it had been merely a passing fancy.

Karan Johar

Does Karan Johar have kids?

On February 7th, 2017, Karan Johar became the proud father of a pair of twins. They arrived at Masrani Hospital in Mumbai through a surrogate and stayed there for over 50 days.

Karan Johar’s mother, Hiroo Johar, inspired the anagram Roohi Johar, while Karan’s father, Yash Johar, inspired the name for his son.

On Friday, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Executive Health Officer Dr. Padmaja Keskar confirmed that the births had been registered.

According to the birth certificate, the children were listed as a “baby boy” and a “baby girl.” Karan Johar later revealed that his children’s names are Yash and Roohi Johar.

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