Who is Matt Healy? Everything You Want to Know About The 1975 Band Founder!

Matt Healy is a well-known British musician, singer, and songwriter who rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the popular indie rock band The 1975. He formed The 1975 in 2002 with three of his childhood friends, and the band released their debut album in 2013.

Since then, Healy and The 1975 have become a household name in the music industry, winning numerous awards and critical acclaim for their unique sound and style. In this article, we will delve deeper into Matt Healy’s life and career, exploring his background, musical influences, and contributions to the world of music.

Matt Healy

Who is Matt Healy?

Matt Healy is an English singer born in London on April 8, 1989. His full name is Matthew Timothy Healy. He is best known as the singer and guitarist for The 1975, a pop-rock band that has been together since 2002 and is influenced by the sounds of the 1980s. The band’s last record,

Being Funny in a Foreign Language, came out in 2022. It is the group’s fifth studio record after 2020’s Notes on a Conditional Form. Matty, who is 34 years old, is very proud of his band, which he started with three school friends in a garage: Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel.

Matt Healy

He is so proud that the name of The 1975’s world tour for 2022 and 2023 is The 1975 at Their Very Best. “It is not because we are arrogant; it is real,” he told The Guardian in September 2022. Matty is, of course, more than just the band that has won awards.

Real Name Matthew Healy
Birthday April 8, 1989
Birthplace London, Greater London, the UK
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality British
Ethnicity Southern Irish
Profession Singer
Married/Wife No
Parents Denise Welch and Tim Healy
Siblings Louis

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Matt Healy Love Life

Gemma Janes, a German model, was in a relationship with him. The two have been together for a long time, but not for good. 2014 was the last year they were together. He dated Hasley a year later, and she wrote a song called “Colours” about him because her EP “Room 93” was inspired by the time they spent in the same-named hotel room.

After that, Matty started dating a model called Gabriella Brooks. In 2019, they broke up. He is seeing Tahliah Debrett Barnett, also known as FKA Twigs. In February 2020, he posted a picture of FKA Twigs sitting on his lap on Instagram to make it clear that they were dating. The media also said that the two left the “NME Awards” together.

matt healy love life

Matt Healy Family

Matthew Healy is his full name. He is the lead singer for the band 1975. He is Tim Healy and Denise Welch’s son. His mother is an actress on a soap show, and his father works on TV. But in 2012, his parents split up.

Matty grew up in Newcastle and Cheshire with his brother, Louis. He says that his father taught him how to play the drums when he was four. From there, his love of music grew into a strong desire to make songs. He went to Wilmslow High School and got his diploma.

Matt Healy

Matt Healy Height and Weight

Matty is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 70 kg. He has a great body and a nice attitude. He has black hair that is curly and black eyes.

Height: 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm

Weight: 65 kg or 143 pounds

Zodiac sign: Aries

Matt Healy Career

Healy played the drums for ‘The 1975’ at first. After the band’s lead singer left to start his group, he became the lead singer and guitarist. Adam Hann was the lead guitarist for the band, Ross MacDonald played the bass.

George Daniel played the drums. Their first EP, Facedown, came out in 2012, and the lead song, “The City,” became a hit on BBC Radio 1. When they first became famous, they were surprised because they played music for fun, not as a job.

Matt Healy Career

But the answer they got from fans made them want to work harder at their jobs from then on. The single “Chocolate,” which hit number 19 on the UK Singles Chart, came out the same year as their second EP, “Sex.” “The 1975” had already made a name for themselves and were ready to put out their first record. In 2013, they released their self-titled debut record, which went to number one on the UK Albums Chart.

It had a new version of their song “Sex,” which debuted on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. It also started on YouTube and quickly got a lot of fans. During the same time, Matthew and the rest of his band visited Ireland and the US to promote the record. They also went on a tour of the UK and played at several events, including one at the Royal Albert Hall. Soon, the band became well-known, and in July 2013, the Rolling Stones asked them to play in Hyde Park with them.

They also played at the Reading and Leeds Festival in 2013. Some people on social media thought the band was breaking up, but this was false. The same happened with their second and third records, “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” and “Music for Cars.”

Matt Healy Career

Both records were at the top of the UK records Chart and the US Billboard 200. Each song on the albums was sung in a different way than the songs on other albums from the same time period. The band’s hit song “The Sound,” which came out as a digital music video in 2016, was a big hit. Matthew Healy is busy on social media, and his estimated net worth is $5 million. He has a loyal fan base and a lot of followers.

Some Trivia About Matt Healy

  • He is known to drink wine on stage often and usually wears black pants with his knees ripped off.
  • Healy normally looks like he just got out of bed.
  • His hair is messy, and his eyes are half closed.
  • But when he talks, he is known to make a lot of sense and take what he is doing very seriously.
  • He has a dog named Allen, and he loves animals.
  • The name “The 1975” came from writing that said “June 1, The 1975” on the back cover of a poem book by Jack Kerouac.

Matt Healy Career

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matty Healy’s age?

He was born on April 8, 1989, making him 34.

Where is Matt Healy originally from?

Matty Healy is from Greater London, a part of London, UK.

How much money does Matt Healy have?

As of 2023, Matty Healy is worth $15 million.

Does Matt Healy have a wife?

Matty Healy has never been married and has never had a wife.

Why do they call themselves “1975”?

Matthew found an old book of poems in the house when he was young. On the top, there was something that said “1975.” The note seemed strange to the young man, who thought about it for a long time.

How did the band get the name “1975”?

Before it got its final name, it had many different ones. It had names like “Me and You Versus Them” and “Talkhouse.”

Who are the other people in his band?

Ross McDonald, George Daniel, and Adam Hann make up his band.

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