Who Is Phoebe Gates Boyfriend? Know More About Robert Ross!

Phoebe Gates, the youngest daughter of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has been in the public eye since birth. With her family’s immense wealth and influence, it’s no surprise that people are curious about her life. One frequently arises the question: who is Phoebe Gates’ boyfriend?

Despite her high-profile family and extensive media coverage, little is known about Phoebe Gates’ romantic relationships. Fans and gossip columnists have been scouring social media for clues or hints regarding significant others in her life. In this article, we’ll examine what we know (and don’t know) about Phoebe Gates’ love life and explore some rumors surrounding her relationships.

Know More About Robert Ross

Who Is Phoebe Gates’s Boyfriend?

Sportskeeda says Phoebe Gates is dating Robert Ross, a Stanford alum. The couple frequently shares sweet photos of their relationship on Instagram, capturing special moments they’ve shared. On Phoebe’s 20th birthday, Robert posted a heartfelt slideshow of adorable photos, expressing his love and birthday wishes for her.

Who Is Phoebe Gates Boyfriend
Who Is Phoebe Gates’s Boyfriend

Ross, who has over 6000 followers on Instagram, often shares memorable pictures of himself with loved ones. His social media bio reflects his values, stating, “Love Intentionally/ Think Different/ Stanford.” The couple has been open about their relationship on social media, sharing pictures and videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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Know More About Robert Ross

Robert Ross has an impressive academic and professional background. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University in 2021. He then pursued a Master of Science in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity from the same prestigious institution. While at Stanford, Robert was actively involved in the Sigma Nu Fraternity, where he held positions such as director of recruitment, director of diversity and inclusion, and president., 

After graduating from Stanford, Robert worked as a full-time associate product manager at Google. However, his most recent endeavor is his co-founding of Lume in January 2023. Lume is an AI tool designed to assist engineering teams in building and maintaining custom data integrations without the need for coding.

Phoebe Gates’s Thoughts on Her Dating Life

 Phoebe Gates is known for advocating for women’s health, reproductive rights, and sustainability. She doesn’t hesitate to share her values on social media and speak out on important issues. In an email interview with The Information, Phoebe addressed the backlash she faces online regarding her interracial relationship with Robert Ross. She expressed frustration with the constant misconceptions and conspiracy theories surrounding her family and her relationship. Phoebe firmly stated that it is 2023, and she is done being subjected to memes and ridicule for being in an interracial relationship.

Phoebe Gates’s Response to Online Hate

According to Distratisfy, Phoebe Gates has been a target of online trolls criticizing her for being in an interracial relationship. Some individuals went as far as accusing Robert Ross of dating her for financial gain or influence. In response to the hate, Phoebe Gates expressed her frustration in an interview, stating that she is tired of being mocked for her relationship. She emphasized that it is 2023 and that she should not face such criticism for being in an interracial partnership.


 Phoebe Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates, is in a relationship with Stanford alum Robert Ross. Robert’s academic achievements and professional endeavors reflect his dedication and talent. Despite the criticism and online backlash, Phoebe remains firm in defending her relationship and confronting the misconceptions about her family. As an influential advocate, Phoebe uses her platform to address critical issues and fight for the causes she believes in. Together, Phoebe and Robert navigate their relationship in the public eye, challenging stereotypes and promoting acceptance in the face of adversity.

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