Who Is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend In 2023? Is There Anything True About The Rumors?

Zhao Lusi is a Chinese actress and singer known as Rosy. She is best known for her parts in The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020), Dating in the Kitchen (2020), The Long Ballad (2020), Who Rules the World (2020), Love Like the Galaxy (2020), and Hidden Love (2020). Zhao Lusi has become a fan favourite because of her stellar performance.

Her exceptional acting prowess has garnered her a legion of devoted fans. However, as the spotlight continues to shine on her career, fans and viewers have increasingly become curious about the actress’s love life in 2023. In this article, we’ll explore the rumors and revelations surrounding Zhao Lusi’s boyfriend and see if there’s any truth to the speculations.

Zhao Lusi

Who Is Zhao Lusi?

Zhao Lusi was born on 9 November 1998 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. She is also known as Rosy Zhao.. She completed her undergraduate studies at the local private school before transferring to Mingdao University in Taiwan for doctoral work.

Zhao started in the entertainment business while in charge of the comedy show Huo Xing Qing Bao Ju (Mars Intelligence Agency). In 2017, Lusi played a supporting part in the web drama Cinderella Chef, which was her first time acting. She had a small role in the movie City of Rock that same year.

Zhao got much attention in 2018 for her small part in the historical romance series Untouchable Lovers. The same year, she had her first leading part in the time-traveling historical drama Oh! My Emperor. At the Golden Bud–The Third Network Film and Television Festival, Zhao won the Newcomer award.

She became more famous for her parts in The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Dating in the Kitchen, The Long Ballad, Who Rules the World, Love Like the Galaxy, and Hidden Love. She is now working with Yinhekuyu Media.

Zhao Lusi

Who Is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend?

As the celebrity has not made any public announcement, it is unclear whether Zhao Lusi has a boyfriend or not. However, the Chinese actress might have had relationships before or after starting her acting career. Accoridng to Kfanhub There are Rumors flying around the web regarding who her boyfriends are. Liu Yitong, Li Hongyi, and Ding Yuxi are their names.

Zhao Lusi

In particular, the majority of people on the internet agreed that Li Hongyi was the one who had wooed Zhao Lusi (Rosy Zhaolover). They played a beautiful couple in the TV dramas “Prodigy Healer” and “Love’s Better Than Immortality,” on which they both worked.

They shared several intimate conversations during filming. They seemed to be having a blast when we saw them at supper. Once, Zhao Lusi questioned Li Hongyi’s romantic interest in her on Weibo.

Zhao Lusi Li-Hongyit

This led many people to start doubting the safety of their Internet connections. They both decided not to speak up in response to the rumours.

The actress and her fans were attempting to promote their new drama, according to Zhao Lusi’s supporters, who deny the claim. Zhao Lusi, often known as Rosy Zhao, dated someone before she became famous.

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According to Lujuba, On May 28, several netizens revealed a possibly intimate photo of Zhao Lusi and her lover, sparking widespread debate.

According to online reports, the boy in question is a photographer and the former lover of Zhao Lusi, who met him while both were attending Taiwan’s Ming Dao University.


Zhao Lusi and the boy both wear matching striped clothing in the shot. They’re sulking at each other while they embrace behind closed doors. It’s a passionate four-way exchange between the two of them. Zhao Lusi has a beautiful smile and is also quite adorable.

The boy’s physical characteristics have also garnered the interest of online audiences. The youngster in the photo has a fair complexion, single eyelids, and small eyes, but otherwise, he doesn’t stand out.

Zhao Lusi

Some Internet users have commented that he has a bumpy laugh, and others have said that he is greasy when he laughs—had his worthlessness as Zhao Lusi charged.

Zhao Lusi’s business is on the rise right now. Right now, she shouldn’t have a boyfriend.

In an interview, Zhao Lusi (Rosy Zhao) talked about her dream man: Her dream type of boyfriend would be funny like Wang Yilun’s senses of humor, Xiao Zhan’s gentle, Wu Junyu’s loveliness, Li Hongyi’s trickiness.

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