‘Borderlands’ Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far

The most recent Borderlands movie news is very hopeful, and there are a lot of new details about Eli Roth’s upcoming movie.

Lionsgate first talked about the post-apocalyptic sci-fi action-adventure in 2015, and Craig Mazin, who wrote Chernobyl, later wrote the first draft of the script.

The first-person shooting game is a mix of sci-fi and Western styles, and it has become one of the most popular game series of the 21st century.

In the same way that Mazin helped make HBO’s faithful version of The Last of Us, Borderlands needs to be just as true to the original. There is a lot of unfinished story in Borderlands, which makes it easier to adapt than many other first-person shooter games.



Roth’s creative filmmaking fits the game’s world perfectly. As so many other video game versions have become huge hits at the box office, Borderlands could be the next one.

When is the movie ‘Borderlands’ coming out?

According to Collider, Borderlands will finally come out on August 9, 2024. The movie will come out exactly nine years after it was first said that it was being planned. The movie opens at the same time as Flint Strong, an MGM sports thriller written by Barry Jenkins.

Will ‘Borderlands’  be out in theaters or on streaming services?


At first, Borderlands will only be available in theaters. The movie will soon be available to stream on Starz. After their limited theatrical and video-on-demand windows are over, most Lionsgate movies are then available to stream there as well.

Is there a trailer for Borderlands?

The first official video for Borderlands came out on February 21, 2024, from Lionsgate. The Electric Light Orchestra song “Do Ya” playing in the background and the snarky tone of the clip makes it feel a lot like the Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Borderlands (2024) Official Trailer - Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black

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Plot of the movie ‘Borderlands’

The upcoming movie “Borderlands” is about a famous bounty hunter named Lilith who goes back to her chaotic home world, Pandora, to find Atlas’s missing daughter. Atlas is the most powerful person in the universe.

Lilith forms a group with Roland, a seasoned fighter; Tiny Tina, a wild pre-teen demolitionist; Krieg, Tina’s guardian; Tannis, a scientist; and Claptrap, a smartass robot.

To save the lost girl, who has unimaginable power, they have to fight alien monsters and thieves together. The movie is set to come out on August 9, 2024, and stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Jamie Lee Curtis, among others.


‘Borderlands’ Movie Cast and Crew

The upcoming “Borderlands” movie boasts an ensemble cast of notable stars and a talented crew. Here are some key details about the cast and crew involved in the film:


  • Cate Blanchett as Lilith, the fan-favorite Vault Hunter.
  • Kevin Hart as Roland, a mercenary.
  • Jack Black voices Claptrap, the wise-cracking robot.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Patricia Tannis, a scientist.
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina, a tween demolitions expert.
  • Florian Munteanu as Krieg, Tina’s protector.
  • Haley Bennett is in an undisclosed role.
  • Édgar Ramírez as Atlas, a powerful figure.
  • Gina Gershon as Mad Moxxi.
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Jakobs.
  • Charles Babalola as Hammerlock.


  • Directed by: Eli Roth
  • Screenplay by: Eli Roth and Joe Crombie
  • Story by: Eli Roth
  • Produced by: Ari Arad, Avi Arad, Erik Feig, and more.


The film is set to be released on August 9, 2024. The plot follows Lilith’s quest on Pandora to find Atlas’ daughter and a hidden alien vault while battling various adversaries alongside her team.

The movie promises to bring the beloved characters from the game to life on the big screen with humor and action-packed thrills.

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