Fact Check: Why Is ‘John Pork Found Dead’ Trending On Tiktok?

The famous “John Pork is calling” meme recently resurfaced on social media and went viral on TikTok, almost six years after the character was created. Know Your Meme says the figure first appeared on Instagram in 2018 with the handle @/john. Pork. John Pork is a virtual influencer who first appeared on Instagram in 2018.

He is shown as a man with a pig’s head and a human body. In 2018, a popular idea on Reddit said that Pork was the American YouTuber Technoblade. But none of the pictures ever turned out to be true. Because of the “pig-man” calling meme on TikTok, people also made other meme templates about the “pig-man.” Some users on TikTok even claim to be the honest John. However Why Is ‘John Pork Found Dead’ Trending On Tiktok? Let’s find out.

John Pork

Why Is ‘John Pork Found Dead’ Trending?

On March 30, 2023, internet rumours about John Pork’s death began to spread. On March 29, 2023, PKB News ran a story that said he had been found dead in a river.

“People are unfortunate for him,” the post said. His friends are crying, and many people look up to him as an example. He used to be happy all the time.

“He was known for being kind and humble. He was a valued member of the group of pigs.”

After other rumours came out, Snopes quickly disproved this claim. One user said:

“HE’S NOT DEAD! I’ve spoken with him since the “news” released! Do not believe the nonsense being spewed on the media! John Pork will return and he will come for all who doubt his existence!”

Fans React To Viral John Pork Calling Meme Amid Death Rumors

How Did John Pork Become Famous?

John Pork became an online meme figure in 2018 after revealing his “pig-man” appearance to the public through selfies and videos. The virtual influencer got more attention after recently becoming popular on TikTok. The first video was first shared on TikTok by @/rover.joe on March 21, and in a week, it had more than 6 million views.

Soon, “John Pork is calling” became a viral meme. Several TikTokers got calls from the influencer and posted funny comments about whether they should or should not answer the call.

The dialling video was soon made in different ways, leading to many memes, templates, and jokes. Content creators also started posting skits about getting the famed phone call from the virtual influencer, and some even said they were the “real John Pork.”

Several media stories said that the original John from Instagram was very surprised by his newfound fame. The influencer reportedly posted several stories on Instagram to thank people for sharing the memes. He also said that after becoming a TikTok star, he gained a few thousand followers on Instagram.

How Did John Pork Become Famous

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