Laapataa Ladies OTT Release Date: When And Where To Watch Kiran Rao Directorial Movie?

Laapataa Ladies, Aamir Khan’s much-anticipated movie directed by Kiran Rao, has been making waves since it came out in theaters on March 1, 2024. The comedy of mistakes not only makes you laugh, but it also sends a serious message.

People who are excited about Laapataa Ladies want to know when it will be available on the OTT app. What is the Laapataa Ladies OTT platform? That’s the question everyone wants to know.

Laapataa Ladies OTT Release Date

Film Companion says that the Indian movie Laapataa Ladies is set to come out on March 1. But the movie’s creators haven’t said who its official OTT partner is. There are rumors that the movie will be released on Jio Cinema after it comes out in theaters.

Since JioCinema is the film’s streaming partner, it might not be available on the platform after a month, based on how well it does in theaters and how much people want to watch it.

laapataa ladies

The movie was shown for the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2023. It will also be shown at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM), which runs from February 29 to March 2.

Story of Laapataa Ladies

The story of “Laapataa Ladies” is about a man named Sparsh who brings his newlywed wife home from a fancy wedding. But when she takes off her veil, it turns out that Deepak brought home the wrong woman because his real wife got separated from him on the train.

At the same time, the real wife is at a different train station, trying to remember her husband’s town or exact address. In the story, things happen when Kishan, a police officer, starts to look into what happened when they went missing.

laapataa ladies

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Laapataa Ladies Cast & Crew

The cast of “Laapataa Ladies” includes:Atishay Jain Akhil

  • Shivam Ghawariya
  • Nitanshi Goel
  • Daood Hussain
  • Chhaya Kadam
  • Ravi Kishan
  • Kanupriya Rishimum as Bela ji
  • Pratibha Ranta
  • Sparsh Shrivastava

The crew of “Laapataa Ladies” includes:

laapataa ladies

  • Kiran Rao (Director)
  • Sneha Desai (Writer)
  • Biplab Goswami (Story)
  • Divyanidhi Sharma (Additional Dialogue)
  • Syed Zaid Ali (Line Producer)
  • Zohaib Ali (Line Producer)
  • Antara Banerjee (Executive Producer)
  • Tanaja Dasgupta (Co-Producer)
  • Jyoti Deshpande (Producer)
  • Jaspal Dogra (Line Producer)
  • Naved Farooqui (Executive Producer)
  • Aamir Khan (Producer)
  • B. Shrinivas Rao (Co-Producer)
  • Ram Sampath (Music)
  • Vikash Now Lakha (Cinematography)
  • Jabeen Merchant (Editing)

laapataa ladies

  • Romil Jain (Casting)
  • Romil Modi (Casting)
  • Kshitij Jeevan Randhir (Art Director)
  • Vikram Singh (Production Design)
  • Darshan Jalan (Costume Design)
  • Darshan Jalan (Makeup Department)

Laapataa Ladies Trailer

Laapataa Ladies(Official Trailer) Aamir Khan Productions Kindling Pictures Jio Studios |1st Mar 2024

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