Animal Park Release date: Sequel to the Block Buster Ranbir Kapoor Starrer Movie Expecting Soon!

The production company T-Series publicly announced the sequel to Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal. The movie was one of the biggest hits of 2023. It came out on December 1 and made over Rs 500 crore in ticket sales in India.

Many fans were excited about the movie because it had a scene after the credits that hinted at a sequel called Animal Park, in which Ranbir might play two roles.

Now, in an Instagram post on the T-Series account, the movie’s creators have revealed that there will be a sequel.

Animal park

‘Animal Park’ Release date

The movie “Animal Park” has not been given an official release date yet. But the release might not happen until at least the fourth quarter of 2025. People think the follow-up to “Animal” will be darker and more violent than the first movie. The scene at the end of “Animal” hinted at the sequel, and Ranbir Kapoor is expected to play two roles.

A producer named Sandeep Reddy Vanga said that he and Ranbir Kapoor would work together on an idea for a darker, more violent movie if “Animal” did well. After the massive success of “Animal,” it looks like Sandeep is ready to release “Animal Park,” which will star Ranbir Kapoor in a bigger and darker version of “Animal.”

About ‘Animal Park’

Fans were still holding their breath after seeing Ranbir Kapoor in “Animal” when the movie’s director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, announced that there would be a sequel. The film, “Animal Park,” is considered darker and more violent. It will also have more figures work together to make things more exciting.

Animal park

Vagga gave hints that Ranbir would play two roles in the movie: Ranvijay and Aziz. The creators have yet to say when it will be available. India Today say that the team has locked down the story and plans to release “Animal Park” in early 2026.

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Cast Details for Animal Park

The movie “Animal Park” cast has not been publicly named yet. However, Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, and Triptii Dimri will be in the sequel, making the return of the characters who made it through the first movie.

Plot of Animal Park

The story of “Animal Park” has not been publicly announced yet. It is thought that the sequel will continue the story of “Animal” and have a darker, bloodier plot.

Animal park

The scene after the credits of “Animal” hints at a shocking change in a character, which could lead to a revenge story. The story details are being kept secret, and fans can’t wait for the movie to be officially announced and come out.

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