Call of the Night Season 2 Renewal Status: Will the Anime be renewed for another season?

Kotoyama created the manga series Call of the Night, set in Japan. The first season of the anime adaptation aired from July to September 2022, and the season, made by Liden Films, aired on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block.

The initial broadcast of the anime adaption likewise fared well with viewers. The second season of Call of the Night has been highly anticipated as a result of this.

Call of the Night

Renewal Status of Call of the Night season 2

Although Call of the Night has not yet been officially renewed for a second season, all of the evidence points to the anime series being returned for more episodes, according to HITC.

The first sign is the accessibility of original manga chapters from Kotoyama’s work. AnimeGeek states that chapter 46 of volume 5 will be covered in episode 13.

In Japan, thirteen complete Tankobon volumes have been released, which is excellent news for fans of the anime. Since this is the case, Liden Films may begin production on season 2 immediately.

Call of the Night

In addition, Call of the Night manga sales has been boosted by the anime adaptation, leading to the series’ inclusion on Oricon’s Top 20 list for July.

Then there’s the opinion that if Call of the Night does well, it’ll get a second TV airing. Although official streaming counts for simulcast titles are not made public by HiDive, the series has received a tremendous response from viewers worldwide.

Call of the Night has received high marks from anime review sites in the lead-up to the season 1 finale, with a 7.7/10 from IMDB, 4/5 from Anime-Planet, 79% from Anilist, and 8.05/10 from MyAnimeList.

Call of the Night has almost 63,000 reviews and 340,000 members, making it one of the highest-rated shows of the 2022 Summer lineup. This is especially noteworthy given that the show airs on HiDive rather than the more popular Crunchyroll.

Call of the Night

What will Season 2 of Call of the Night be about?

Spoiler Alert!

CulturedVultures claims that the studio has yet to animate a few key chapters that they left for later, but the second season will continue up where the first left off, in Chapter 46.

We don’t want to give too much away about the arcs that will be featured in Season 2 of Call of the Night, but they will focus mainly on Nazuna’s background.

Even though Kou’s transformation into a vampire hasn’t happened yet, the anime has been building up to it, and an upcoming plot twist will make that assertion true—at least partially.

Call of the Night

The Cast of “Call of the Night” Season 2

The voice actors from the first season of Call of the Night are likely to return for the second, and there don’t seem to be any significant cast changes planned.

As a result, Season 2 of Call of the Night will most likely feature many of the same actors as Season 1. Ko Yamori and Nazuna are the series’ main protagonists, although the show has many more human and vampire characters. A 14-year-old named Ko Yamori is dissatisfied with his life and harbors a strong ambition to become a vampire.

His feelings for Nazuna have only deepened as he has become more interested in becoming a vampire. One night, while Ko is strolling, they bump into each other. However, Nazuna is a shy girl who wanders the night. She enriches Ko’s life with happiness and satisfaction.

Call of the Night

Several humans appear in the show, including Akira Asai, Mahiru Seki, Akihito Akiyama, and Kiyosumi Shirakawa. Vampires Seri Kikyo, Nico Hirata, Kabura Honda, and Hatsuka Suzushiro also make an appearance.

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When and where can we watch Call of the Night Season 2?

It hasn’t been officially announced, but we expect HIDIVE and Netflix will carry Season 2 of Call of the Night.

Most viewers had difficulty finding the first season because it wasn’t readily available on popular streaming sites like Crunchyroll. Hopefully, this won’t be the case the next time, and Netflix will make the sequel available everywhere, not just in Japan.

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