10 Steamy Devar Bhabhi Web Series in 2023

Hey there, you little binge-watching couch potato. If you can’t get enough of steamy romantic dramas and love stories, especially those forbidden devar-bhabhi tales, do we have a treat for you. There are some seriously spicy Indian web series featuring devar-bhabhi relationships that will get your pulse racing and have you hooked to your screen. We’ve scoured the internet to find the top 10 devar bhabhi web series with sizzling chemistry and drama that you absolutely can’t miss. From passionate love stories to tempting taboos, secret affairs to bold relationships, these web series explore devar-bhabhi relationships in ways Indian television never could. So grab the remote, get cozy on the couch, and dive into our list of the 10 steamiest devar bhabhi web series sure to crank up the heat and have you begging for more.

Devar Bhabhi Web Series in 2023


What Is a Devar Bhabhi Story?

So what exactly is a devar bhabhi story? Devar bhabhi stories explore forbidden relationships between brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law in Indian families.

In Indian culture, the devar (husband’s younger brother) and bhabhi (elder brother’s wife) share a special bond. They often live together under the same roof and spend a lot of time together while the husbands are away at work. This closeness sometimes develops into attraction and romantic love.

These steamy stories depict the sizzling chemistry and passion between devars and bhabhis. They navigate complicated relationships and societal taboos as they give in to their carnal desires and fall for each other.

  • Popular plotlines show the devar falling for his bhabhi’s beauty, charm and maturity. The bhabhi finds solace in her devar’s youthful playfulness and passion.
  • They have a hard time controlling their feelings and hormones, leading to forbidden encounters and steamy hookups behind the family’s back.
  • There are twists and turns as they grapple with guilt, get caught or blackmailed, or have pregnancy scares. But their love ultimately triumphs against all odds.

Devar bhabhi stories are spicy, s*nsual, and push the envelope on moral and s*xual boundaries. No wonder they have become such a popular genre of Indian erotic web series and stories! If you’re looking to add some masala to your entertainment, these steamy tales of forbidden love will surely heat up your screen.

Made in Heaven (2019)

Devar Bhabhi Web Series

If you’re looking for a steamy Indian web series, Made in Heaven should be at the top of your list. This 2019 show follows the lives of two wedding planners, Tara and Karan, in Delhi.

Tara is an ambitious woman trying to run a business in a male-dominated field. She struggles with societal pressures to get married while also dealing with a troubled past. Karan is a charming gay man in a country where homos*xuality is still taboo. He faces difficulties being openly gay and finding love.

Through their work planning extravagant weddings, the show explores themes of love, relationships, and overcoming adversity in modern India. Each episode features a new couple and wedding, highlighting issues like arranged marriages, dowries, and inequality that are still prevalent in Indian society.

Some reasons this series is totally binge-worthy:

  • The chemistry between the two leads, Arjun Mathur and Sobhita Dhulipala, is electric. Their complicated relationship and banter add depth to the show.
  • It has a great ensemble cast of quirky, complex characters that represent different walks of life in India.
  • The show balances drama and humor perfectly. One moment it will have you laughing and the next in tears.
  • It addresses thought-provoking social issues in India but still remains highly entertaining. The lavish weddings and costumes provide plenty of eye candy.
  • The finale is deeply moving and ties the whole season together beautifully. You’ll immediately want to re-watch the whole thing.

Whether you’re interested in Indian culture, drama, or just a compelling story, Made in Heaven is a must-see show with cross-cultural appeal. This steamy series will leave you wanting more.

Charmsukh (2019) – Ullu Original

Charmsukh (2019) - Ullu Original

One of the most popular devar bhabhi web series is Charmsukh. This Ullu original series explores the complicated relationship between a married woman, bhabhi, and her brother-in-law, devar. Released in 2019, the series was an instant hit and currently has over 200 million views across platforms.

Steamy and Seductive

Charmsukh is known for its steamy lovemaking scenes and seductive storylines between the devar and bhabhi. Each episode features intimate encounters between the lead characters as their attraction and passion for each other grows. The provocative scenes are intended for mature audiences only.

Compelling Performances

The series features powerhouse performances by its lead actors. They have amazing on-screen chemistry and navigate the complexities of their forbidden relationship with nuance and depth. Their emotive performances draw you into the story and make you root for the devar and bhabhi, even as societal norms tell them they should stay apart.

Relatable Characters

While the taboo nature of devar-bhabhi relationships is controversial, the show aims to humanize the characters and make their struggles relatable. The bhabhi is portrayed as a woman unfulfilled in her marriage who finds solace in the arms of her devar. The devar is a sensitive and caring man who genuinely loves his bhabhi. Their relationship is as much emotional as physical.


With over 200 short-form episodes available, Charmsukh is a highly binge-worthy series. The episodic nature means you can watch as many or as few episodes as you like in one sitting. New episodes continue to release on Ullu on a regular basis, so there’s always more salacious story to unfold between the devar and his bhabhi.

Charmsukh is a steamy guilty pleasure that provides an escape into a fantasy world of forbidden love and passion. No wonder it has become one of the most popular devar bhabhi web series, with new episodes eagerly awaited by fans.

Palang Tod (2019)

Palang Tod (2019)

Palang Tod is a steamy web series that lives up to its name, which translates to “bed breaker” in Hindi. This erotic thriller follows the passionate affair of a devar-bhabhi duo and all the twists and turns that follow.

A forbidden romance

Devar Ajay and Bhabhi Nandini share a strong attraction that leads to a s*nsual romance behind closed doors. Their risky relationship is fueled by lust and longing looks when others aren’t watching. However, their secret soon comes out when Nandini’s husband and Ajay’s brother, Sameer, begins to suspect something is amiss.

Lies and betrayal

To throw Sameer off the scent, Ajay and Nandini conspire to set him up with Ajay’s ex-girlfriend. Their deception works for a while but threatens to backfire when Sameer proposes marriage. Ajay and Nandini struggle between following their hearts and doing the honorable thing. Their lies and betrayal ultimately damage relationships and trust within the family.

A dramatic conclusion

In a dramatic final showdown, the truth about Ajay and Nandini’s affair is revealed. Sameer is heartbroken by their deceit as relationships crumble and loyalties are questioned. However, Ajay and Nandini remain unapologetic in their love for each other. The series ends on a bittersweet note, leaving the fate of these star-crossed lovers up in the air.

Palang Tod is an enticing watch for those who enjoy bold and uninhibited stories of passion. With many steamy scenes and plot twists, this web series aims to break hearts and beds along the way. If you’re looking for an unconventional romance with elements of drama and suspense, Palang Tod will not disappoint.

Gandii Baat (2018)

Gandii Baat (2018)

One of the steamiest and most controversial web series in recent times, Gandii Baat explores forbidden relationships and taboo topics in rural India. This erotic anthology series features different stories in each episode.

Season 1 (2018)

The first season was set in a village and focused on secret affairs and lustful desires. Episodes dealt with themes like extramarital affairs, caste issues and homos*xuality. The raw and s*nsual content immediately attracted attention, with some criticizing the show as vulgar and obscene.

Season 2 (2019)

The second season was even bolder, featuring stories of incest, group s*x and BDSM. The episode ‘Lalit ki Beti’ was about a father’s incestuous relationship with his daughter. ‘Mohalla’ explored a woman’s s*xual encounters with multiple men. These controversial storylines led to legal cases against the show makers.

Season 3 (2020)

The third season toned down the content slightly but still pushed boundaries. Episodes dealt with May-December romances, dom-sub relationships and partner swapping. While still edgy, Season 3 avoided the most taboo topics covered in earlier seasons. Critics felt the show had become repetitive, merely stringing together steamy scenes for shock value.

Season 4 (2021)

The latest season tries to strike a balance between steaminess and substance. Some episodes explore s*xuality in a more sensitive way, focusing on issues like consent, body positivity and gender roles. However, the show’s reputation precedes it, and the content remains too provocative for many viewers.

Gandii Baat is not for the faint of heart. This bold and uninhibited series explores s*xuality without any filters or moral policing. While some see it as important for breaking taboos, others criticize its tendency to prioritize shock value over substance. Love it or hate it, Gandii Baat has undoubtedly left its mark on Indian web content.

X.X.X (2017)

X.X.X (2017) web series

Steamy and s*nsual

The XXX web series from 2017 is all about passion and desire. This romantic thriller centers around a sizzling affair between a devar and bhabhi that leads to dangerous consequences. If you’re looking for a show that will get your pulse racing, this is it.

The chemistry between the lead characters Karan and Nandini is electric from the start. Karan is Nandini’s devar who comes to stay with her and his brother Raj after losing his job. While Raj is frequently away on business, Karan and Nandini grow close, bonding over their love of dancing. The s*nsual dance scenes show the building passion and longing between them.

Forbidden Love

Their blossoming romance is forbidden, as relationships between devars and bhabhis are taboo. This only adds to the thrill and excitement. Karan and Nandini know they shouldn’t act on their feelings, but the desire is too strong to resist. Once they cross the line into a steamy love affair, there’s no going back.

Deadly Obsession

When Raj begins to suspect that something is going on between them, Karan becomes obsessed with keeping Nandini to himself. His jealousy and manipulation tear the family apart in shocking ways. The series takes a dark turn as the forbidden romance descends into a dangerous spiral of betrayal, anger, and vengeance.

Sizzling Suspense

With many unexpected twists and turns, XXX will keep you on the edge of your seat as the suspense builds. But it’s the scorching chemistry and love scenes between the lead pair that really make this show sizzle. If you like your romance blended with mystery and passion, you’ll love getting swept away in this steamy and suspenseful devar bhabhi story. The 10 episodes will leave you wanting more!

Kamukta (2017)

Kamukta (2017)

Steamy and s*nsual

The 2017 web series ‘Kamukta’ is all about passion and desire. Set in rural India, it follows the blossoming relationship between a young devar and his bhabhi. The chemistry between the lead actors Karan Kundra and Nia Sharma is sizzling and will leave you hot under the collar.

This steamy series wastes no time, diving straight into the forbidden romance and risque encounters between the devar and bhabhi. Every lingering glance, s*nsual touch and passionate kiss is captured on camera. The love scenes are filmed in an artistic and tasteful way but still manage to convey the raw s*nsuality between the characters.

Socially Taboo

Of course, devar-bhabhi relationships are considered inappropriate in traditional Indian culture. This social taboo is what provides much of the drama and conflict in the series. The devar and bhabhi must hide their affair from their family and community, sneaking around to steal private moments together.

Emotional Depth

Beyond the steam and taboo, ‘Kamukta’ also has emotional depth. It shows the inner turmoil the characters face in following their hearts’ desire, even when it goes against social norms. The devar struggles between his duty to his family and his love for his bhabhi. Likewise, the bhabhi is torn between societal expectations of her role and her own wants and needs as a woman.

  • The scenic rural setting provides a poetic backdrop for the forbidden romance.
  • The melodious soundtrack complements the mood of each passionate scene.
  • The clever writing and witty dialogs make the drama entertaining as well as steamy.

If you’re looking for a devar bhabhi web series that blends steam, taboo and emotion, ‘Kamukta’ should be at the top of your list. This racy romantic tale will sweep you away into its s*nsual world of forbidden love and desire.

Maya: The Ultimate Love Story (2015)

Maya: The Ultimate Love Story (2015)

The 2015 web series Maya: The Ultimate Love Story is a steamy tale of forbidden love that will leave you longing for more. This erotic thriller features the gorgeous Shama Sikander and Veer Aryan in lead roles.

A s*nsual Storyline

The plot revolves around Maya, a free-spirited woman who falls passionately in love with her devar, Dev. Although Dev is married to Maya’s sister, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Maya’s vivacious and uninhibited personality. They embark on a steamy affair that is filled with s*nsual encounters and stolen moments of intimacy. However, their secret romance soon starts to unravel, threatening to destroy their lives and relationships.

Sizzling Chemistry

Shama Sikander and Veer Aryan share an undeniable on-screen chemistry that will get your pulse racing. Their love scenes are esthetically shot but also intensely erotic. Maya’s unapologetic s*xuality and boldness paired with Dev’s rugged charm make them a perfect match. Their forbidden passion and sultry romance ignite the screen.

An Emotional Rollercoaster

While the web series highlights the couple’s lust and desire, it ultimately portrays the anguish and heartbreak caused by their illicit relationship. As Maya and Dev’s secret begins to come out, they struggle with feelings of guilt, betrayal and loss. The final episodes culminate in an emotional climax that will move you with its bittersweet poignancy.

Maya: The Ultimate Love Story is a tantalizing blend of passion and sorrow, pleasure and pain. This steamy devar bhabhi saga tugs at your heartstrings even as it ignites your passions. Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop!

Devar Bhabhi Relationship FAQs: Common Questions Answered

So you’re curious about devar bhabhi relationships, are you? No need to feel shy – these forbidden romances have fascinated people for ages. Here are some common questions about devar bhabhi relationships answered.

What exactly is a devar bhabhi relationship?

A devar bhabhi relationship refers to a romantic relationship between a man and his brother’s wife, or a woman and her husband’s younger brother. While considered taboo, these relationships do happen in real life and have been portrayed in many steamy web series.

Why are devar bhabhi relationships frowned upon?

Devar bhabhi relationships are considered incestuous in many cultures since the woman is married into the family. They can be seen as a betrayal of the husband-brother’s trust and damage family dynamics. However, some argue that consenting adults should be free to pursue any relationship they choose. It’s a complex issue with valid arguments on both sides.

Do devar bhabhi relationships ever work out?

Some devar bhabhi relationships end badly, causing family rifts and heartbreak. However, others report finding their soulmate and life partner in their devar or bhabhi. As with any relationship, mutual love, respect, honesty and commitment are needed for it to thrive long-term. Complications may arise from family objections and societal taboos, but with discretion and perseverance, some devar bhabhi couples are able to build a happy life together.

What makes devar bhabhi web series so popular?

Devar bhabhi relationships tap into primal desires for the forbidden and taboo. The risque storylines and steamy scenes in these web series allow viewers to live out their fantasies vicariously. The emotional dramas and family politics also make for juicy entertainment. While not everyone approves of these taboo romances, devar bhabhi web series continue to attract devoted fans and high viewership.


So there you have it, 10 devar bhabhi web series sure to spice up your binge-watching nights. With some bold storylines, racy scenes, and sizzling chemistry between the leads, these shows are not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for something steamy yet entertaining, you know where to go. Just make sure to watch them alone or with someone you don’t mind getting hot and bothered with! Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop. Consider yourself warned – these devar bhabhi tales are addictive. Happy watching!

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