5+ Upcoming Ullu Web Series in 2023, Everything You Need to Know!

Hey there, web series fan! Are you eagerly awaiting the latest shows set to premiere on Ullu this year? Ullu, the popular Indian streaming platform known for its bold and edgy content, is all set to entice its audience in 2023 with an exciting lineup of web series. You’re in luck because Ullu has Upcoming Ullu Web Series for the next 6 months.

As the competition in the digital media space grows fierce, Ullu has carved a niche for itself by offering unique and unconventional content that caters to diverse audiences. With a focus on adult-oriented themes and taboo subjects, Ullu has gained immense popularity among young viewers who are seeking fresh and engaging entertainment options.

From thrillers to romantic dramas, the upcoming Ullu web series name list for 2023 promises to be a treat for fans of this streaming service. The upcoming web series is hot, hot, hot – just like you’ve come to expect from the streaming giant. Stay tuned for all the details on the upcoming Ullu web series of 2023!


Top 5 Upcoming Ullu Web Series 2023

Ullu Upcoming web series name list

The streaming giant Ullu is set to release some exciting new coming soon web series in 2023. Here are the top 5 upcoming Ullu web series to look forward to:

Siskiyaan season 4 part 2

The popular romantic thriller Siskiyaan is back with the second part of season 4. We’ll finally get answers to the cliffhangers from part 1, like whether Aahana and Yuvraj will rekindle their romance. With a mix of passion, drama and suspense, Siskiyaan is a fan favorite for good reason.

Siskiyaan season 4 part 2
Siskiyaan season 4 part 2


This crime thriller follows a small-town cop trying to take down a human trafficking ring. With gritty realism and dark mysteries at every turn, Bikau is poised to become Ullu’s next hit. Action, intrigue and plot twists galore – what more could you want?

Bikau ullu web series

Love Guru Season 3

Everybody’s favorite on-screen matchmaker is returning for a third season of laughs and life lessons. Love Guru’s signature brand of humor and heart will be back, along with some new clients and challenges. If you’re looking for an amusing escape, tune in for Love Guru S3.

Love Guru S3

Garam Masala

This new romantic comedy web series promises to bring the heat. Garam Masala follows a group of young singles navigating relationships and careers in the city. Friendship, family and finding “the one” – this show has all the ingredients for an entertaining experience. Sparks are sure to fly!

Garam Masala

With so many great new web series lined up, Ullu is set to dominate the streaming scene this June. Which show are you most excited to binge-watch? One thing’s for sure, there’s something for everyone in this mix of dramas, comedies and thrillers. Stay tuned for updates on release dates and times. The countdown is on!

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Top Rated Web Series on Ullu App in 2023 with Release Date

Web Series OTT Release Date
Badan March 2023
Rikshawala March 2023
Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 7 4 April 2023
Mohan Chabhiwala Part 2 14 March 2023
Secretary Part 2 14 March 2023
Malai 13 March 2023
Secretary 10 March 2023
Mohan Chabhiwala 7 March 2023
Khidki Part 2 3 March 2023
Love Guru 2 Part 2 27 February 2023
Khidki 24 February 2023
Love Guru 2 21 February 2023
Yaar Farebi Part 3 17 February 2023
Watchman Part 3 14 February 2023
Yaar Farebi Part 2 10 February 2023
Watchman Part 2 7 February 2023
Yaar Farebi 3 February 2023
Watchman 31 January 2023
Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 6 Part 2 27 January 2023
Imli Part 2 24 January 2023
Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 6 20 January 2023
Imli 17 January 2023
I Love You Part 2 10 January 2023
Namak Part 2 9 January 2023
Namak 6 January 2023
I Love You 3 January 2023

what are the most popular Ullu web series currently available

Ullu is an online video streaming platform that has a collection of web series, movies, and originals in various genres like comedy, romance, thriller, horror, and more. It releases two new web series in a week. Some of the most popular Ullu web series currently available are:

Ullu Web Series 

IMDb Ratings

Launch Date

1. Kavita Bhabhi (18+)


10 jan 2020

2. Halala (18+)


26 march 2019

3. Exit (18+)


15 jan 2023

4. Palang Tod (18+)


25 dec 2020

5. Mona Home Delivery (18+)


21 june 2019

6. Virgin Boys (18+)


3 july 2020

7. Wanna have a good time


29 dec 2018

8. Khul ja sim sim (18+)


17 jan 2020

9. The Bull of Dalal Street


21 feb 2020

10. Woodpecker (18+)


14 aug 2020

11. Peshawar


16 dec 2020

12. Riti Riwaj


16 july 2021

13. Bribe (16+)


25 dec 2018

14. Pratiksha


26 oct 2021

15. Tandoor


14 jan 2020

16. Kasak (18+)


29 nov 2022

17. Jabran (18+) 6.5 29 nov 2022

These web series have gained popularity due to their interesting storylines and bold content. Ullu is also set to release new web series in 2023, which are expected to be equally popular

Will there be new seasons of existing Ullu shows?

Yes, Ullu has confirmed that new seasons of some popular existing shows like Charmsukh, Mona Home Delivery and The Bull of Dalal Street will also return in 2023. The exact release dates for these new seasons have not been announced yet, but you can expect them in the second half of 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about the new web series coming to Ullu in 2023! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Conclusion: Upcoming Ullu Web Series Name List 2023

With so many exciting new shows lined up, 2023 is shaping up to be an epic year for Ullu original series. As a viewer, you’ll have a hard time keeping up with all the drama, thrills, and entertainment headed your way with bold scenes.

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