Only Murders In The Building Season 4 Renewed, Release Date, Cast & More!

Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building has built up a cult following since launching its first season in 2021, and for good reason. The show follows the ongoing story of three people living in a fancy apartment building on the Upper West Side and deciding to look into some strange deaths in their building. They also choose to make their podcast along the way.

Season 3 was mostly about how Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), a movie star playing the lead part in Oliver’s play, was killed. He falls dead on opening night, returns to life, and is then pushed down an elevator shaft, where he dies again. This makes everyone in the group a suspect. The investigation quickly becomes more difficult because Oliver doesn’t want his play to be in danger, even though there may be a murderer in his group. He also wants to protect Meryl Streep, one of his actors, who he loves very much and who has her secret.

The show’s third season is over, and the last episode left everyone on a huge cliffhanger. It was still necessary to answer a lot of big questions. Many fans wonder if there will be a fourth season to resolve all those questions. Great news! It’s a “yes.” Hulu has said that a fourth season will be coming out!Β In this article we tell you everything about Only Murders in the Building season 4 include release date, cast, update & more!

Only Murders In The Building season 4

Will There Be A Fourth Season Of Only Murders In The Building?

Yes! Hulu announced on the day of the Season 3 finale that Only Murders in the Building had been officially renewed for Season 4. In tweet hulu wrote:

Only Murders in the Building is returning for Season 4! The trio’s journey is far from over. #OMITB

Even though the show has been renewed, though, we aren’t quite sure on when production could begin, as the SAG-AFTRA strike remains ongoing. The writing, however, should be full speed ahead, given the conclusion of the WGA strike last month.


When Will Season 4 Of Only Murders In The Building Be Released?

According to Womens health, Only Murders in the Building season 4 release date has yet to be announced by HBO. Season 4 of Only Murders in the Building may come out in the summer like the first three seasons did (Season 1 came out in August, Season 2 in June, and Season 3 in August). The SAG-AFTRA strike, on the other hand, could make those plans less likely to work out if it goes on without the companies giving the actors a fair contract.

Only Murders In The Building Cast: Who Will Return?

There is at least one cameo by a famous person in every season. Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd’s cameos that lasted the whole season made Season 3 the best yet. No one has been cast in Season 4 yet, but the show will try to top Season 3’s star power by adding more big names.

The leading group, including Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin, would be back. Sad to say, Jane Lynch won’t be back because, you know, her character died. Also not coming back are Linda Emond as Donna, Wesley Taylor as Clifford, and Paul Rudd as Ben.

Only Murders In The Building Cast Who Will Return

Only Murders In The Building Season 4: Plot

This is a huge spoiler, but it looks like the Season 3 finale of Only Murders already gave away what the Season 4 murder riddle will be. After the opening of Death Rattle Dazzle, Jane Lynch, who has played Sazz, Charles-Haden Savage’s longtime stunt double, showed up to talk to Charles and join the party. She was on her way to Charles’s flat to get a nice bottle of wine when she was shot through the window. It’s terrifying that we don’t know if Sazz is dead or if someone will get to her in time to save her life. So, what is one opinion we can come to? According to what she was wearing and where she was, Charles was being stalked.

Where To Watch Only Murders In The Building Season 4?

You can watch the season 4 of Only Murders In The Building on Hulu when it’s released.

Is There A Trailer For Only Murders In The Building Season 4?

No there is no trailer for Only Murders In The Building season 4. However you can watch the trailer of season 3 below.

Only Murders in the Building | Season 3 Trailer | Hulu

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