‘Outlander’ Season 8 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

Fans of the popular TV show Outlander are eagerly awaiting Season 8. Here’s everything you need to know about when it will air, who will be in it, and what might happen in the next episode based on Diana Gabaldon’s books.

When does Season 8 of Outlander come out?

Deadline reported that Starz had picked up Outlander for an eighth season, starting in January 2023. This confirmed that Season 8 would be the last season of the show.


But series star Caitriona Balfe told Radio Times that work on Season 8 was slowed down because of the writers’ strike, even though a start date had been set before the strike: “Well, we had a plan.” Who knows what will happen now that there is a writers’ strike? We’ll have to wait and see.

Based on this quote, Outlander Season 8 had a start date for filming. This means sets and places were probably ready to go before Hollywood shut down. Balfe also told Express in May 2023 that filming would begin “in a few months,” but he didn’t give an exact date:

“We’re about to start shooting our eighth season in a few months, but our seventh season is starting to air on June 16 on Lionsgate+.”Filming can get going pretty quickly since the end of the writers’ and players’ strikes in November.

For reference, Season 7 filming began in May 2022 and ended in February 2023, as star Sam Heughan on Instagram revealed. There were 220 days of filming before the season premiered on June 16, 2023.


If filming for Season 8 begins in 2024, it will likely last most of the year and into early 2025. From that, fans should know that Outlander Season 8 won’t come out until late 2025. It will most likely come out in the winter or spring of 2025.

When Season 8 of Outlander Will Come Out?

Collider states that there has yet to be a date set for when Season 8 of Outlander will be available. Because of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, it has pushed it back, along with many other shows.

An important agreement has finally been made to end the WGA strike, meaning many productions can begin again. Many think Outlander Season 8 will not come out until late 2024 or 2025.


Where can I watch Season 8 of “Outlander”?

Like the other seasons, you can watch Season 8 of Outlander on Starz. Pricing for a Starz subscription package starts at $2.99 right now, and you can watch all seven seasons of the show on the Starz app right now.

Is there an ‘Outlander’ Season 8 trailer?

Currently, there has yet to be a trailer for Season 8. Since production has stopped, marketing materials may only come out quickly.


How many episodes will Season 8 of ‘Outlander’ have?

Season 8 will only have ten episodes, less than the past seasons. It’s no surprise that this is because the WGA went on strike for months, and the show had to cut the number of episodes to keep the quality of the endings as high as possible. Many other shows have also had to make the same choice.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming series, take a look at our earlier posts where we’ve included all the details about its release.

What will ‘Outlander’ Season 8 be about?

Cosmopolitan says that this is where things become less clear. Again, Season 7 doesn’t even start yet—it opens tomorrow—but A LOT can happen in those 16 episodes. Plus, we have no idea what books season 7 will cover. For sure, the seventh book will be used. But what about those extra episodes?


Will they fit into the eighth book again?! Although the ninth book came out in 2021, there are some possible season 8 spoilers in this sneak peek. To sum up, things are tense; the Revolutionary War is getting closer to Fraser’s Ridge, and Claire and Jamie are getting ready to do their part. Since the 10th book hasn’t come out yet, no one knows how it will all end.

Who Will Be in Season 8 of Outlander?

Even though the official cast for Season 8 hasn’t been announced yet, some known faces will likely return, as per reports of The Economic Times. Caitríona Balfe plays the lead role as Claire Fraser and Sophie Skelton plays Brianna. Jack Heughan plays Jamie MacKenzie Fraser.


It is also likely that Richard Rankin, David Berry, Charles Vandervaart, and John Bell will play the same parts again. Season 8 will follow the ninth book, so new characters and events from “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone” will likely happen.

We tried our best to cover all the details about ‘Season 8 of Outlander‘ in this article. These facts will help you get to know the series better. If you notice any mistakes, comment and let us know your thoughts. We’re excited to hear from you. Join Top Movie Rankings and stay tuned for everything you need about Outlander Season 8.

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