Is Remarriage And Desires Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix? Everything You Need To Know!

“Remarriage & desires” is a south korean tv show that brings together a talented ensemble cast, including kim hee-sun, lee hyun-work, cha ji-yeon, jung yoo-jin, and park hoon. Directed by kim jeong-min, this series delves into the realm of satire, offering a thought-provoking commentary on korean society.

The first season of “Remarriage & desires” premiered on netflix on july 15, 2022, and quickly gained a devoted fan following.  With its unique blend of satire and drama, “Remarriage & desires” has struck a chord with audiences, captivating them with its engaging plotlines and compelling characters. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting news about the potential renewal of the series for a second season.

In this article, we will explore the latest updates on the fate of “Remarriage & desires” and provide you with everything you need to know about the possibility of a season 2. So, get ready to dive into the world of “Remarriage & desires” as we uncover the exciting details about its potential continuation on netflix.

Remarriage And Desires

Is Remarriage And Desires Renewed For Season 2?

As Written, Remarriage & Desires has not been renewed for a second season. The ending, on the other hand, leaves a lot of room for a sequel series.

Before extending a show, netflix usually looks at several factors, such as how many people watch it first and how many stop watching each episode. Sometimes, it can take months for netflix to decide what to do with a show. So far, reviewers and audiences have been positive about remarriage & desires. Some people like this soapy making. This soap opera doesn’t quite measure up to others like penthouse and sky castle.

Still, netflix has an excellent track record of bringing back k-dramas. All of us are dead, love alarm, squid game, and other shows have been brought back lately. Considering all this, we will say this will get a second season. We’ll add new information to this area as it comes in.

Is Remarriage And Desires Renewed For Season 2?

Remarriage And Desires Season 2 Expected Released Date

We are still determining if the season will continue. So it would be too soon to guess when it will come out. We are all just waiting for the official word on when season 2 will start.

But because season 1 was so well-liked and loved, there are high hopes and chances for a season 2. If we’re very hopeful about the show, we can guess that season 2 will come out around the middle of 2024. We’ll add new information to this area as it comes in.

Remarriage And Desires Season 2: Expected Cast

If Season 2 happens, most people we love will return. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to see figures like this:

  • Kim Hee-Seon will be playing Seo Hye-Seung
  • Hyun Wook Lee will be playing Lee Hyung-Joo
  • Ji-Yeon Cha will be playing Choi Yoo-Sun
  • Park Hoon will be playing Cha Seok-Jin
  • Jeong Eu-Gene will be playing Jin Yoo-Hee

Remarriage And Desires Season 2: Expected Cast

Remarriage And Desires: Story

The series follows different satirical techniques and focuses on the main character, SeoHye-Seung, who lost everything after marriage and became a middle-class housewife. Then, she meets a man who works at the REX, a marriage-making company for elite people who are very rich. After seeing the girl who ruined her life, SeoHye-Seung decides to get.

Where To Watch Remarriage And Desires?

You can watch the first season of remarriage and desire on netflix. When the second season gets the released date. we can also see on netflix.

Remarriage And Desires Season 2: Trailer

As per there is no renewed news. you can see the first season trailer, below.

Remarriage & Desires | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

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