Ruthless Season 5 Release Date, Cast. Plot Trailer & More Update!

Ruthless is an American drama series that Tyler Perry created, executive produced, written, and directed. The series is produced under Perry’s overall deal with Viacom/CBS. The series is a spin-off of Perry’s BET thriller The Oval. It tells the story of Ruth Truesdale, a ruthless matriarch who will do anything to protect her family and her empire.

People have said that the show has strong female characters, a diverse group, and an honest portrayal of the African-American experience. Ruthless has also been a commercial success, with over 2 million viewers watching each show on average. The fourth season of Ruthless finished with a bang, turning Ruth’s world upside down. Fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth season to come out so they can see what happens next. In this article we can tell you everything about the Ruthless season 5 including the release date, cast. plot trailer & more update!

Ruthless Season 5: Release Date

According to sources, Ruthless Season 5 has been officially renewed by BET+. However, the release date for Ruthless Season 5 has not yet been announced. Since the show received praise from critics and viewers, there is a high chance that we can expect the new season to premiere in mid-2024. We will update you when we receive the release date.

Ruthless Season 5 Cast: Who Will Return?

As the much-anticipated fifth season of Ruthless is about to start, fans can celebrate the return of their favourite main cast, who are ready to show off their unique skills. Prepare to be charmed again by Matt Cedeo’s magnetic presence. He effortlessly plays the mysterious Mayor Ramsey Sinclair and the strong Melissa L. Williams.

The mysterious Deacon James Morris, played with skill by the excellent Lenny Thomas, will once again walk the rocky path of this exciting story. Tina Morris is brought to life by Yvonne Senat Jones’s unique touch, which gives the character depth and a natural feel.

Ruthless Season 5 Cast Who Will Return?

Ruthless Season 5: Plot

The plot of season 5 of Ruthless is still a secret. But based on what happened last season, Ruth will probably keep fighting to protect her family and kingdom. As Mayor Ramsey Sinclair keeps getting more assertive in Memphis, we can also expect to see more of his family. We can also expect more of the drama, intrigue, and deception that have made Ruthless such a popular show.

Where To Watch Ruthless Season 5?

You can watch the first 4 seasons of ‘Ruthless’ on BET+. When ‘Ruthless’ Season 5 gets a release date, you will be able to watch it on the same platform.

Is There A Trailer For Ruthless Season 5?

Currently, there is no trailer available for Ruthless Season 5. However, you can watch the trailer for Ruthless Season 4 below.

BET+ Original | Ruthless Season 4 Trailer

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