Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date Set for june 2023 – Check Out The More Details!

The British comedy-drama series Man Like Mobeen takes place in Small Heath, Birmingham. This comedy is produced by Cave Bear and Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC Three and written by Guz Khan and Andy Milligan.

Birmingham-based series stars Guz Khan as Mobeen Deen, who was locked up behind bars after his close friend Eight was killed in the season 3 cliffhanger. The show has been on our screens for three years since season 1 aired back in 2017.

With the new series, viewers can expect to see some familiar faces and tackle some new challenges as well.

Tanya Qureshi, BBC’s head of comedy, said of the new season: “I’m delighted that after being busy making movies in Hollywood, Guz found time to return to Small Heath and deliver a truly fantastic new series for Mobeen fans on the BBC.”

So what can we expect from season 4 of Man Like Mobeen? Here’s everything you need to know.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Release Date

Man Like Mobeen season 4 is scheduled to Release on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Thursday, June 8, 2023. This four-part series will be made available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer on the same day while also premiering on BBC Three at 10 pm in the evening.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4
Man Like Mobeen Season 4

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Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Cast

The show’s beloved cast of familiar faces will be back for season 4. The fact that Eight was killed in season 3 means that Tez Ilyas won’t be in the new series.

Listed below are the cast members confirmed for season 4.

  • Mobeen Deen portrayed by Guz Khan
  • Nate played by Tolu Ogunmefun
  • Aqsa portrayed by Dúaa Karim
  • Officer Harper played by Perry Fitzpatrick
  • Officer Saj portrayed by Salman Akhtar
  • Chippy played by Specs Gonzalez
  • Megladon portrayed by Youssef Kerkour

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Poltline

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 will follow the shocking season 3 ending, in which Mobeen and Nate got arrested after Eight died. In season 4, we’ll see how they adjust to prison life, but what does this mean for them?

According to the synopsis: “Viewers first met reformed drug-dealer Mobeen as he was trying to turn his life around living as a good Muslim, looking after his little sister, and trying to escape his troubled past. Since then he’s almost made good on living a quiet-ish life, but in the cliff-hanger series three finale, he found himself banged-up behind bars with Nate, after their close friend Eight had been killed.

“As they adjust to life on the inside, familiar faces are also set to return, but in very unexpected situations. All this means Mobeen and Nate must once again negotiate new challenges and circumstances. So can the haphazard heroes make it to the end of their sentence without causing more mayhem and come good on their dream of living a quiet life?”

Andy Milligan talked about the new season and prison setting at the BBC’s preview event for the show to mark its big return. He said: “It is all in prison, a good chunk. It is something we really wanted to explore. Whether it is knife crime or food banks, prison is another arena of society.

“Its not just about crime and punishment as you also have adult illiteracy, faith, class, and sexuality under one roof. It is a great pressure cooker to explore those issues.”

Where to Watch Man Like Mobeen Season 4?

As we said above, You can watch Man Like Mobeen on BBC Three on Thursday, 8th June 2023, at 10 pm, and it will be released as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.

Man Like Mobeen Season 3 Rating & Reviews

Man Like Mobeen” is a British TV series that centers around Mobeen, a 28-year-old Muslim man residing in Birmingham, England, who is responsible for his 15-year-old sister. Here’s a rundown of the ratings and reviews for Season 3:

  • Rotten Tomatoes: Season 3 of “Man Like Mobeen” has received a perfect audience score of 100%.
  • IMDb: The show boasts an overall rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb.
  • Common Sense Media: According to a review on Common Sense Media, the initial two seasons of the show are characterized as light-hearted, charming, and uproariously funny. However, the third season takes a more serious turn, delving into themes of gang activity, including explicit content.

Man Like Mobeen Season 4 Trailer

Currently, a trailer for season 4 of the series is unavailable. However, if you wish to refresh your memory of the show after its three-year break, watching this amusing scene might ignite your enthusiasm for future episodes. The scene showcases Mobeen’s cautious approach during his visit to his Uncle Shady’s residence. Feel free to watch the clip provided.

When Your Uncle Has Different House Rules To You | Man Like Mobeen: Series 3 On iPlayer Now

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