Top 10 Tamil Hot Web Series To Watch in 2023

You can now easily stream hundreds of Tamil web series online, but which ones are actually worth your time? As streaming services continue to invest heavily in Tamil content, the options seem endless. However, quantity does not always equal quality. If you’re looking for romantic, comedic, or action-packed Tamil web series with high production values and compelling stories, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 hottest Tamil web series streaming now, from classic rom-coms to gritty crime thrillers. Whether you’re in the mood for light-hearted laughs or edge-of-your-seat suspense, you’re sure to find a new favorite show on this list. Read on for our picks of the 10 must-watch Tamil web series currently heating up streaming services.

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Top 10 Tamil Hot Web Series To Watch in 2023


Below is a list of Tamil Hot Web Series in 2023:

Web Series Rating (IMDb) Genre Season(s) Episodes Available on
Iru Dhuruvam (2019) 8.1/10 Crime, Thriller 1 9 Sony LIV, MX Player
Fingertip (2019) 8.0/10 Crime, Thriller, Drama 1 6 Zee5
Kallachirippu (2018) 7.5/10 Action, Thriller, Drama 1 8 Zee5
Breathe (2018) 8.3/10 Crime, Thriller, Drama 1 8 Amazon Prime Video
American Mappillai (2018) 7.5/10 Comedy 1 8 Zee5
Vella Raja (2018) 7.2/10 Thriller, Drama, Crime 1 10 Amazon Prime Video
November Story (2021) 7.7/10 Mystery, Thriller, Crime 1 7 Disney+ Hotstar
Triples (2020) 7.1/10 Comedy 1 8 Disney+ Hotstar
Mugilan (2020) 6.0/10 Action 1 8 Zee5
Topless (2020) 7.2/10 Comedy 1 8 Zee5

Iru Dhuruvam (2019)

Iru Dhuruvam | Trailer | SonyLIV Original | All Episodes Streaming From 30th Sep On SonyLIV

The Tamil web series Iru Dhuruvam (2019) is a crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in the 1980s, the show follows a police officer pursuing a mysterious serial killer in Chennai.

As the leading investigator, you are tasked with solving a series of murders of young women in the city. Using clues and your instincts, you must determine the killer’s motive and pattern to predict their next move. However, the case becomes increasingly complex as more victims turn up and corruption in the police department comes to light.

To catch this sinister criminal, you must demonstrate strong deductive reasoning and judgment. Pay close attention to details in the crime scenes and witness testimonies to piece together the puzzle before the murderer claims another life. You will face dangerous situations and moral dilemmas that test your character and values as a law enforcer.

With 8 episodes of 45 minutes each, Iru Dhuruvam is a binge-worthy thriller guaranteed to keep viewers guessing until the end. Its blend of mystery, suspense and 1980s nostalgia has resonated with audiences and cemented its place as one of the most popular Tamil web series in recent years. If you’re looking for an exciting and intellectually stimulating show to watch, Iru Dhuruvam should be at the top of your list.

Fingertip (2019)

Fingertip | Official Trailer | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

Fingertip is a 2019 Tamil web series that was released on ZEE5. This romantic thriller stars Ashwin Kakumanu, Aishwarya Rajesh, and Gayathrie Shankar in the lead roles.

The story revolves around Adithya, an aspiring filmmaker who loses sensation in his fingers due to an accident. He meets Dr. Indu, a therapist who helps him recover through innovative finger exercises and treatments. Adithya starts developing feelings for Dr. Indu, complicating their professional relationship.

This web series garnered positive reviews for its unique plot, talented cast, and high production quality. Some of the highlights include:

  1. The chemistry between Ashwin Kakumanu and Aishwarya Rajesh. Their blossoming romance and emotional connection keep viewers engaged.
  2. The portrayal of Dr. Indu as a strong, independent woman in a male-dominated field. Her character provides inspiration and empowerment for female audiences.
  3. The series’ ability to blend romance, drama and suspense in a way that keeps you guessing until the end. Twists and turns in the plot will catch you by surprise.
  4. Stunning cinematography that captures the beauty of Ooty, the filming location. Lush greenery and mountain vistas provide a picturesque backdrop for the story.

If you’re looking for a well-made Tamil web series with an unconventional plot, Fingertip is worth adding to your watchlist. This short series packs emotion, intrigue and visual splendor into five memorable episodes.

Kallachirippu (2018)

Kallachirippu | Official Trailer | Karthik Subbaraj | A ZEE5 Tamil Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

Kallachirippu (2018) is a Tamil web series that revolves around a murder investigation. When a young woman is found dead under mysterious circumstances, a police officer begins looking into the case. As he investigates further, he uncovers secrets and lies that link the victim to some of the most powerful people in the city.

The series takes a gritty, unflinching look at themes of political corruption, abuse of power, and violence against women. It is a fast-paced crime thriller that will keep viewers guessing until the end. Some reasons to watch this intense show include:

  • A compelling mystery with dark twists and turns. The truth behind the murder is slowly revealed through flashbacks and clues uncovered by the lead detective.
  • Strong performances by the cast, especially the lead actor who plays the troubled but determined investigator. His performance brings depth and nuance to the character.

-Timely and hard-hitting social commentary on issues affecting India like political corruption in high places and crimes against women. Though fictional, the show is inspired by real-world events.

  • High production values including stylish cinematography and a dramatic soundtrack. The visuals and music create a moody, atmospheric tone well-suited to the genre.

Kallachirippu is a binge-worthy thriller that provides an unflinching look at the dark underbelly of politics and power. Viewers interested in crime stories, mysteries, and dramas exposing social issues will find this show engrossing. With only 6 episodes around 20 minutes each, the series can be finished in one sitting but will leave a lasting impression.

Breathe (2018)

BREATHE Official Trailer (HD) Amazon Exclusive Drama Series

Breathe is a Tamil-language crime thriller web series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2018. Set in Mumbai, the series follows the story of Kabir, a brilliant but non-conformist officer of the Crime Branch.

\n\n###The Plot

Kabir is investigating a series of murders that seem to be linked to organ theft. Each victim has had their liver removed with surgical precision. As Kabir and his team dig deeper into the case, they uncover a sinister racket involving illegal organ transplants. The case becomes increasingly complex as Kabir has to face political pressures and race against time to catch the perpetrators.

The fast-paced story and Kabir’s unorthodox methods of investigation will keep you on the edge of your seat. This gritty, hard-hitting crime thriller exposes the dark underbelly of the illegal organ transplant trade. Kabir’s personal life and relationships also feature prominently in the plot, adding layers of depth and complexity to his character.

\n\n###Why You Should Watch

If you enjoy well-crafted crime thrillers with compelling characters and storylines, Breathe will not disappoint. Some reasons to watch:

•Ajay Devgn delivers a power-packed performance as the maverick cop Kabir. His intense and impactful acting brings the character to life.

•The show has a very contemporary feel with its exploration of illegal organ trafficking and political conspiracies.

•The cinematography and background score create a dramatic effect and build suspense.

•Additional subplots involving Kabir’s relationships and family make the show more engaging.

•The cliffhanger ending will leave you wanting more. A second season is rumored to be in development.

Breathe is a binge-worthy crime thriller that provides an enthralling mix of entertainment and social commentary. Add this show to your must-watch list if you’re looking for a gritty cop drama or medical thriller.

American Mappillai (2018)

America Mappillai - Official Trailer [ HD ] | A ZEE5 Tamil Original | All Episodes On ZEE5

American Mappillai (2018) is a romantic comedy web series that depicts the life of an American-born Indian man who travels to India to find a bride.

The story follows Mohan, who was born in America but raised with strong Indian values by his immigrant parents. Now in his 30s, Mohan’s parents insist that he travel to Tamil Nadu to find an Indian bride and get married. Mohan is hesitant but agrees to go to India for the first time to appease his parents.

Once in India, Mohan struggles with the cultural differences and expectations around dating and marriage. His ideas of love and partnership clash with traditional Indian arranged marriages. Mohan’s awkward encounters and miscommunications with potential brides provide comedic relief. At the same time, Mohan starts to gain a deeper appreciation for his cultural heritage.

After many failed dates, Mohan finds a connection with Meera, a modern Indian woman who shares some of his values around relationships. However, Meera’s traditional family wants her to have an arranged marriage. Mohan and Meera must decide whether to follow their families’ wishes or pursue a relationship that reflects their own ideals.

American Mappillai offers an amusing look at the blend of American and Indian cultures. The series explores themes of love, family, and cultural identity in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. With its universal themes and fish-out-of-water story, American Mappillai has resonated with viewers of diverse backgrounds. Overall, this hot Tamil web series provides an enjoyable experience for those interested in cross-cultural stories.

Vella Raja (2018)

Vella Raja | Official Trailer | Tamil TV Series | Prime Exclusive | Amazon Prime Video

The thriller web series Vella Raja (King of Revenge) was released in 2018. Consisting of 10 episodes, each about 25 minutes long, Vella Raja follows the story of a common man seeking revenge against a powerful politician for framing him in a murder.

After spending 15 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, Shiva is released and vows to exact revenge on the people responsible for his imprisonment. He systematically hunts down and eliminates the three men involved in the conspiracy against him. However, Shiva faces danger at every turn as he closes in on the final target, MLA Ganesh, the mastermind behind the plot.

A Gripping Revenge Thriller

Vella Raja is a classic underdog revenge story, with clever plot twists and intense action sequences to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Shiva’s character is complex and layered, evoking both empathy and moral ambiguity. The series examines themes of injustice, corruption, and the human struggle for power.

With its high production quality, talented cast, and compelling storyline, Vella Raja deserves a spot among the best Tamil web series. If you enjoy gritty thrillers and action dramas, Vella Raja will not disappoint. Viewers who appreciate complex, thought-provoking stories will find this web series particularly satisfying. Overall, Vella Raja is a must-watch show that demonstrates the potential for creative, high-quality Tamil web content.

Nila Nila Odi Vaa (2018)

The Tamil web series ‘Nila Nila Odi Vaa’ is a romantic comedy that premiered in 2018. This light-hearted show follows the story of a young couple, Karthik and Shruthi, who face challenges in their new marriage.

Karthik is an unambitious yet kind-hearted man who falls in love with Shruthi, an educated and career-oriented woman. Despite their differences, they get married but soon start facing difficulties in adjusting with each other. Karthik’s laid-back attitude and reluctance to find a stable job creates issues, while Shruthi struggles to balance her career and household responsibilities.

Their contrasting personalities and expectations from life lead to conflicts and arguments. However, their love and understanding for each other ultimately helps them overcome obstacles. With the help of their quirky friends and family, Karthik and Shruthi learn to accept each other’s flaws and find a compromise.

This 8-episode series takes a refreshing look at the challenges of modern relationships. It highlights the importance of communication and mutual support in a marriage. The show’s light, romantic comedy genre and relatable storyline made it an instant hit, especially with young audiences. Its popularity led to the release of a second season in 2020, continuing Karthik and Shruthi’s story.

‘Nila Nila Odi Vaa’ provides an entertaining glimpse into the highs and lows of married life. Its message of love, patience and adjusting to change gives the show a positive tone that leaves viewers with a smile. This Tamil web series is a must-watch for those looking for a funny, feel-good show about relationships.

Door No. 403 (2018)

Door No. 403 is a Tamil horror web series that premiered in 2018. Created by director Caarthick Raju, the 8-episode series is available on YouTube and follows a haunted house in Chennai.


The series revolves around a house with the ominous address of 403 that is rumored to be inhabited by evil spirits. When a group of friends visit the house on a dare, strange and frightening events start to unfold as they encounter the supernatural forces within. The show builds suspense as the friends must band together to escape the house, all while unraveling the sinister backstory behind the haunting.

With creepy visuals, jump scares, and a foreboding soundtrack, Door No. 403 provides an unsettling viewing experience that will appeal to horror fans. While the plot relies on common tropes of the haunted house genre, the web series stands out for being one of the first Tamil-language horror shows produced for online streaming. For those interested in regional Indian content and seeking a scary thrill, Door No. 403 is worth unlocking. Overall, the series achieves in creating a spooky atmosphere that lingers with viewers even after the final, chilling episode.

Queen (2019)

Queen | Official Trailer - Hindi | MX Original Series | MX Player | Ramya Krishnan | Gautham Menon

The 9th web series on the list is Queen, which was released in 2019. This romantic comedy web television series is set in Paris and revolves around a Tamil woman in her late 20s named Shakthi.

\n\n### Plot

Shakthi, an innocent small-town girl, has never been in a relationship before. She moves to Paris to continue her PhD in Psychology. There she meets a carefree, cheerful young man named Prakash, who is doing his master’s in Business Administration. They become close friends, though Shakthi is hesitant to start a romantic relationship as she has never been in one before.

\n\n### Cast and Characters

The lead roles of Shakthi and Prakash are played by Ramya Nambeeshan and Ashok Selvan respectively. Ramya Nambeeshan is a Tamil actress and winner of the Miss Kerala beauty pageant. Ashok Selvan is a Tamil film actor known for his roles in Thegidi (2014) and Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum (2019). The supporting cast includes Anumol, Madhumitha, Narain, and Radha Ravi.

\n\n ### Reception

Queen received positive reviews for its refreshing take on modern relationships, realistic characters and dialogs. The lead pair’s chemistry and performances were also praised. The series was rated 7.8/10 on IMDb and considered a must-watch for those looking for a light-hearted romantic comedy. Overall, Queen is an entertaining web series that provides a glimpse into the life of an ordinary woman in Paris.

Pubgoa (2020)

PUBGOA | Official Trailer | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now on ZEE5

Pubgoa is a 2020 Tamil web series that aired on Aha, a Tollywood streaming platform. The plot revolves around the lives of youngsters in Goa, focusing on romance and relationships.

The story follows Arjun, an aspiring musician who moves to Goa to start a band. He meets Meera, a free-spirited girl who introduces him to the Goan party scene. Arjun falls for Meera’s charms but soon realizes she has commitment issues. At the same time, Arjun’s friend Prakash arrives in Goa and falls for Shreya, a shy girl who is searching for independence.

As the four characters navigate the ups and downs of love and life in Goa, the plot progresses at a languid pace, much like the easygoing lifestyle of the beach destination. While light on story, the series is high on visuals, capturing the scenic natural beauty of Goa. The young ensemble cast delivers engaging performances, though the characters they portray could have been developed further.

Overall, Pubgoa provides an entertaining glimpse into youth culture in Goa. Despite its shortcomings, the series will appeal to viewers looking for a laidback romantic drama. At just 15-20 minutes per episode, Pubgoa proves an enjoyable casual watch for those interested in stories about carefree youth in an idyllic beach setting.

November Story (2021)

Hotstar Specials November Story Official Trailer | Tamannaah, Pasupathy, GM Kumar | 20th May

November Story is a Tamil romantic thriller web series. It premiered on Aha Tamil on 19 November 2021. The series is created by Venkat Prabhu and directed by Rajesh M Selva. It stars Harish Kalyan, Reba Monica John and Abi Saravanan in lead roles.

The story revolves around two strangers, Anandhan and Yazhini whose lives get intertwined on a fateful November night. Anandhan is a charming yet mysterious man who works as a Radio Jockey. Yazhini is a strong and independent woman working in the advertising field. One night, Anandhan saves Yazhini from some goons and this incident brings them close. But soon, Yazhini starts having doubts about Anandhan’s identity and intentions. She finds that he is not who he claims to be.

November Story garnered positive reviews for its taut screenplay, engaging narrative style, performances, and music. Viewers praised the show for subverting the usual stalker-thriller tropes seen in Tamil web series and for addressing issues like mental health in a sensitive manner. The show was also appreciated for portraying women in a strong and non-stereotypical manner.

If you enjoy mystery thrillers with unexpected twists and turns, November Story will keep you on the edge of your seat. Though slow-paced initially, the show accelerates quickly into a fast-paced thriller leaving you gripped till the end. Backed by Venkat Prabhu’s brand of filmmaking, this show is a must-watch.

As I Am Suffering from Kadhal (2017)

As I'm Suffering From Kadhal | Official Trailer [HD] | Now Streaming on Hotstar

As I Am Suffering from Kadhal is a Tamil web series that revolves around a passionate love story. The story is about two youngsters Arun and Divya who fall in love with each other. However, Divya’s father opposes their relationship and forces Divya to marry someone else. The web series depicts the struggles and pain of the two lovers who are unable to unite.

The web series is directed by Balaji Mohan and stars Ashwin Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead roles. Released in 2017, the series received positive reviews for its fresh take on romance and chemistry between the lead pair. With just 6 episodes of 15-20 minutes each, As I Am Suffering from Kadhal is a breezy romantic drama that tugs at your heartstrings.

Some of the reasons that make this web series worth watching are:

  • A simple yet heartwarming story of young love
  • Endearing performances by Ashwin Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh
  • Soulful music that evokes emotions
  • Realistic dialogs and conversations
  • Picturesque locales of Kodaikanal captured beautifully

Though the story is predictable, the lead pair’s portrayals and their sizzling on-screen chemistry make up for it. Their sweet interactions and the challenges they face in trying to unite despite parental opposition will resonate with many young viewers.

Overall, As I Am Suffering from Kadhal is an entertaining and poignant romantic web series that takes you back to the days of first love and heartbreak. If you are a sucker for romantic dramas, this short series should not be missed.

Triples (2020)

Triples | Official Trailer | Karthik Subbaraj | Jai | Vani Bhojan | Streaming from December 11

Triples is a Tamil web series that released in 2020. Directed by Charukesh Sekar, the series revolves around three friends – Ganesh, Prakash and Saravanan who get into trouble after sleeping with a sex worker.

The story begins when the three friends visit a brothel during their college trip. Ganesh and Prakash sleep with a sex worker named Swathi. The next day, they learn that Swathi has stolen Ganesh’s family ring which was gifted to him by his late mother. In order to retrieve the ring, the trio decide to visit Swathi’s hometown to find her.

During their journey, they face dangerous situations and life-threatening encounters with gangsters. They also learn that Swathi is not actually a sex worker but was forced into prostitution by the leader of a human trafficking ring. The series progresses as the three friends work together to take down the trafficking network and save the victims.

Triples garnered positive reviews for its engaging screenplay, performances, and social message. The show was praised for sensitively handling the issue of human trafficking. The lead actors were also appreciated for their comedic timing and on-screen chemistry. With an interesting plot and important social themes, Triples makes for an entertaining watch. Overall, this Tamil web series is bold, realistic and leaves a strong impact.

Mugilan (2020)

Mugilan | Official Trailer | Karthik R | Ramya P | A ZEE5 Original | Stream Now on ZEE5

Mugilan is a 2020 Tamil web series created by Karthik Subbaraj. The show revolves around four friends – Mugilan, Kaali, Nallathambi and Sabari. Directed by Balaji Mohan, the show is set in the 1990s in a small town in Tamil Nadu.

Mugilan, the protagonist, is a happy-go-lucky guy who spends his time loitering around with friends. He comes from a middle-class family and his father always scolds him for being irresponsible. Mugilan’s life takes a turn when he falls in love with Gayathri, a bold and modern girl. However, their relationship faces challenges from Gayathri’s father and Mugilan’s family.

The show depicts the lives of youth in small towns during the 90s. It portrays their struggles, relationships and the generation gap between them and their parents. The show has nostalgic music that takes the audience back to the 90s. It features a talented cast including Robo Shankar, Bala Saravanan, Santhosh Pratap and Aadukalam Naren.

Overall, Mugilan is an entertaining show that provides a glimpse into the lives of middle-class families in small towns. The show has comedy, romance, and drama with a perfect dose of nostalgia. If you enjoy light-hearted comedies set in a retro backdrop, Mugilan would be an enjoyable watch. The show is available on the OTT platform Zee5.

Topless (2020)

Topless | Official Trailer | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

The hot web series Topless is one of the boldest Tamil shows which was released in 2020. Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, the story revolves around five women from different backgrounds who become friends. They support each other through difficulties in their personal and professional lives.

One day, they decide to go on a road trip to a beach house to escape from their stressful lives. During their holiday, they play a game of truth and dare which leads to them removing their tops. This liberating experience helps to strengthen their bond of friendship. However, their joy is short-lived when someone secretly captures a video of them topless and threatens to upload it on social media.

The series examines themes of female empowerment and sexuality in a conservative society. It gained notoriety for its provocative content and graphic language. The bold storytelling and chemistry between the lead actresses were widely praised.

Topless was controversial but impactful. It highlighted the sexual double standards that women face and sparked debates around feminism and morality. The show gained a cult following, especially among urban youth and women. If you’re looking for a daring, uninhibited story celebrating female friendship and freedom, Topless will not disappoint. However, viewer discretion is advised due to the mature content.

This hot Tamil web series has set a precedent for more open discussions around female sexuality and taboo topics in Indian entertainment. Topless is a pivotal work that pushes the envelope on women-centric stories.

Tamil Hot Web Series FAQs: Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about Tamil Hot Web Series:

What are some of the popular Tamil Hot Web Series?

Some popular Tamil Hot Web Series are:

  • Kallachirippu (Hotstar)
  • Puthu Kavithai (ZEE5)
  • November Story (Disney+ Hotstar)
  • Vilangu (ZEE5)
  • Where can I watch Tamil Hot Web Series?

You can watch Tamil Hot Web Series on various OTT platforms like:

  • Hotstar (Disney+ Hotstar)
  • ZEE5
  • Sun NXT
  • Aha Video
  • MX Player

These platforms offer a wide range of Tamil Hot Web Series that you can enjoy watching.

Are Tamil Hot Web Series appropriate to watch with family?

Most Tamil Hot Web Series contain bold and intimate content meant for mature audiences. It is advisable to watch them alone or with like-minded individuals. Some web series do have family-friendly content but it is best to check ratings and reviews before watching with family.

Do I have to pay to watch Tamil Hot Web Series?

Some OTT platforms offer Tamil Hot Web Series for free while others require a subscription. ZEE5, Sun NXT and MX Player let you stream content for free with ads. Hotstar and Aha Video require a paid subscription to access their library of web series and movies. Subscription plans start from around Rs. 99 per month.

What devices can I use to watch Tamil Hot Web Series?

You can watch Tamil Hot Web Series on:

  • Smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming media players (Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, etc.)
  • Gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.)

Most OTT platforms have apps for various devices to enable you to watch your favorite Tamil Hot Web Series whenever and wherever you want.


After watching these Tamil hot web series you’ve undoubtedly expanded your horizons and discovered some steamy new shows to binge. While some series emphasize plot and character over explicit content, others are racy from start to finish. Regardless of your tastes, the Tamil entertainment industry has you covered. The diversity of stories and styles is a testament to the creativity of Tamil filmmakers and willingness to push boundaries. Though not all shows will appeal to everyone, the variety ensures there’s something for all. Let us know your thoughts on these web series and if you have any recommendations for future lists. The world of Tamil entertainment awaits.

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