Will There Be Deadloch Season 2? Here Is All You Need To Know!

The first season of the Australian mystery-comedy series, Deadloch concluded with a thrilling finale, leaving viewers curious about the show’s future. This article updates the potential release date, cast, plot, and trailer for Deadlock Season 2.

Will There Be Deadloch Season 2?

 According to Screenrant, as of now, Amazon Prime Video has not confirmed the renewal of Deadloch for a second season. The streaming service has not announced whether the show will be cancelled or renewed. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement regarding the future of the series. If Deadloch Season 2 is greenlit, it will likely be released in the fall of 2024 or later, considering the typical production timeline for streaming shows.

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Deadlock Season 2 Release Date

If Amazon Prime Video renews Deadloch for season 2, it likely won’t air until fall 2024, at the earliest. Streaming shows typically take a year to write, film, and edit before being released. But plenty of factors might hinder this process, including how many episodes are in the season, the length of attacks, the budget of the series, the amount of special effects, and so on. A possible second season of Deadloch could come out at the end of next year, but fans will have to wait for official word.

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Expected Cast for Deadlock Season 2

 If Deadloch is renewed for Season 2, it is expected that Kate Box and Madeleine Sami, who portray the detective duo, Dulcie and Eddie, will reprise their roles. The chemistry between Dulcie and Eddie was a highlight of the first season, and their characters are crucial to the show’s dynamic.

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However, the second season may introduce new cast members as the detectives embark on a new murder case in a different town. The involvement of actors like Alicia Gardiner, Tom Ballard, and Leonie Whyman, who played supporting roles in Season 1, remains uncertain.

Expected Plot of Deadloch Season 2

The Season 1 finale of Deadloch saw Dulcie and Eddie successfully capturing the killer they had pursued throughout the eight episodes. Dulcie was stabbed but survived after a confrontation with the killer, while the murderer met a grim fate. The finale hinted at the detectives’ relocation to Darwin to investigate another murder case. If Season 2 is greenlit, it is expected to focus on Dulcie and Eddie’s efforts to solve the murder of Eddie’s former partner, known as Bushy. However, specific plot details will be revealed as more information becomes available.

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Trailer for Deadlock Season 2

 There is no official trailer for Deadlock Season 2 since the show has not been officially renewed. Once the renewal is confirmed, Amazon Prime Video may release a trailer to build anticipation among viewers. Fans must wait for an official announcement regarding the trailer’s release.


The future of Deadloch Season 2 is currently uncertain, as Amazon Prime Video has not made a renewal announcement. Fans eagerly await updates on the release date, cast, plot, and trailer for the potential second season. Stay tuned for further news and information regarding Deadloch Season 2.

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