‘What killed Barney the Dinosaur’ TikTok trend Explained

TikTok has it all, from viral dances that take over the app to strange challenges that everyone is participating in and sharing videos for.

Once in a while, an odd search word or piece of information may go viral on the app, inspiring others to record their reactions to the results of a Google search.

TikTok users are already discussing their responses to the reveal of “What killed Barney the Dinosaur?” The popular children’s television show Barney & Friends features a purple dinosaur named Barney.



What killed Barney the Dinosaur?

Users have been sharing images of the top result when they search for “what killed Barney the Dinosaur,” which states, “In November 1997, Barney the Dinosaur was stabbed to death by the New York City Police Department.”

However, you’ll be happy to know that Barney is technically still alive. I Love You, You Hate Me is a new documentary investigating how the kids’ character became a target for hatred, and the quote above is from an Independent article about the film.

According to Dexerto, the New York City Police Department had to deflate a giant Barney inflatable because it was too difficult to control during a Thanksgiving parade.

The video has been seen more than 29 million times on YouTube. People’s comments on the strange event have gone viral, and more and more people are sharing their thoughts as the trend expands.


Past sins of Barney

HITC says that the actors, and crew of Barney the Dinosaur were targets of “Barney Bashing” not long after the show first aired, despite the show’s positive message. The original voice of Barney, Bob West, claimed he was the target of death threats because of his work on the show.

He added that the emails started coming in, and some were hostile. Extremely graphic and bloody. “Then they went on to say they were going to come and find me and kill me,” he claimed

The origin of the “What killed Barney the dinosaur” meme on TikTok

The initial surprise at Barney Bashing’s comeback has returned. The Independent has published an article found by many TikTok users searching “What killed Barney the Dinosaur?” and is led to assume that Barney was murdered.

The article begins, “In November 1997, Barney the Dinosaur was stabbed to death by the New York City Police Department.”


However, the report explains that the stabbing was about a Barney the Dinosaur balloon that burst during the 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Many people are fooled by the short clips aired at the beginning of viral videos like the one on TikTok below.

A strong wind tore the balloon, Barney, in two, forcing the New York Police Department to cut down the dinosaur. Many readers have accepted the publications’ claims at face value, filming themselves before and after learning the news.

However, contrary to what many TikTokers may believe, the original Barney the Dinosaur is still alive. Unfortunately, the giant balloon crashed and burned.

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Who Killed Barney the Dinosaur?

An Independent story claims New York cops stabbed Barney to death, which has been cited by those looking into his death. An out-of-control balloon caused trouble on Thanksgiving Day at Macy’s, as reported in a 1997 article.

The murder of Barney was motivated more by hatred for the cartoon character than anything else. Some of the horrific elements of the documentary include footage showing the burning of plush animals and the slicing of their heads. Dinosaur haters also spread numerous additional rumors about Barney.


How did the question “What killed Barney the Dinosaur?” become so popular?

The documentary I Love You, You Hate Me sparked the movement by revealing the terrible response the show received from its audience. During its initial run on television, “Barney Bashing” was commonplace; people were mean to each other over the show.

West disclosed that he had once been the target of death threats, raising the question of how the show had once again found itself at the center of such a morbid debate.

The question “What killed Barney the dinosaur?” has arisen because some people think Barney was murdered, as reported by The US Sun. Since then, users have uncovered a report from the Independent suggesting Barney was murdered.



New York City police supposedly fatally killed the purple dinosaur in November 1997. A brief moment of fear is followed by an explanation of how a Barney balloon was accidentally punctured during a Thanksgiving parade.

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