The Kerala Story: Is Shalini (Aka Fatima) Sent Back To India?

The Kerala Story sheds light on the harrowing experiences of three young Indian girls, Shalini, Geetanjali, and Nimah, who become victims of religious indoctrination by Asifa, a member of an Islamic Organization. This gripping tale unfolds as Shalini and Geetanjali choose to convert from Hinduism to Islam, only to face a series of unimaginable challenges.

In the midst of a tumultuous journey, Shalini finds herself married to Ishaaq, a former Catholic who has embraced Islam. Their path takes an unexpected turn when promises of redemption lead them toward Syria, but first, they encounter shocking revelations in Sri Lanka. Tragedy strikes as Geetanjali commits Suicide, and Nimah was gang-raped for not converting to Islam from Christianity. Now, the question looms: Has Shalini, also known as Fatima, been sent back to India?

What Happens After Shalini/Fatima Leaves Sri Lanka?

She’s taken to a Pashto village from Sri Lanka. She starts doubting Ishaaq’s intentions there. They’re going to Syria through Afghanistan. She’s then taken to a hideout in Afghanistan by ISIS.

Ishaaq starts physically abusing Shalini and trying to get her to comply. He r*pes Shalini even though she’s heavily pregnant before he leaves for a mission. When Shalini is all alone and trying to escape, she witnesses a woman and her husband being brutally punished for breaking Islamic laws.

Shalini gets help from Shazia, who takes her home. She tells Fatima that leaving the colony or breaking the law is punishable. Shalini delivers a baby girl with the help of the village women while Ishaaq is out on a mission.

What Does Shalini/Fatima Do When Ishaaq Leaves Her Alone?

Ishaaq informs Shalini that he is going to Kabul for a mission and leaves her without any money to support herself and their baby. Shalini seeks assistance from Shazia and manages to send a brief 30-second voice message to her mother, but the person helping her is killed by the troops. Unfortunately, Shalini’s message fails to reach her family.

The villagers inform Shalini that Ishaaq died during his mission. She attempts to seek Shazia’s help to escape, but the men escort Shalini to a training camp instead. There, they separate her from her daughter, and she is stunned to discover that Ishaaq is actually alive.

What Happens To Shalini/Fatima In The Base Camp?

Shalini’s placed in the last base camp before she’s sent to Syria. Shalini and other women get raped and assaulted by the men there. Men are mainly training to be suicide bombers, so women are forced into being sex slaves.

Shalini tells two other women she’s going to the Iranian border alone to escape. Shalini’s sure she’ll find UN troops there to help her and the women go home to their families.

Shalini is found in the desert by UN troops

Does Shalini/Fatima Escape The Last Base Camp?

Shalini leads the two women towards the border, but their escape is detected by Afghan soldiers. Tragically, the two women are shot, while Shalini manages to evade capture momentarily. She runs as far as she can but eventually loses consciousness.

Seventeen hours after her escape, Shalini is found in the desert by UN troops and apprehended on charges of terrorism. Despite asserting her innocence, she shares her story with the military officers, describing how Asifa manipulated her and other women into changing their identities and illegally migrating to Syria. However, the UN troops categorize Shalini as a terrorist in relation to India, and she is denied re-entry into her home country.

Consequently, Shalini is sentenced to spend the remainder of her life in a UN prison facility designated for convicted terrorists. She is granted permission to make one final phone call to her mother in Kerala, India.

she shares her story with the military officers

The Kerala Story: Is Shalini (aka Fatima) sent back to India?

Shalini apologizes to her mom on the phone. As soon as she’s reunited with the baby, she promises to return to India with her daughter.

Shalini Unnikrishnan (Real Name- Nimisha Sampath) tries to break free of the Islamic indoctrination she was brainwashed into. She’s finally reunited with her daughter after a while.In the meantime, Asifa continues her mission with the next group that arrives at the hostel in Kerala. Shalini is in the UN prison facility with women from all over the world, waiting for justice.

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