Chelsea Meissner Expecting a Baby! Exploring Her Current Relationship Status!

Celebrity news has a way of captivating public attention, especially when it involves exciting developments in the personal lives of well-known figures.

The latest buzz in the entertainment world surrounds Chelsea Meissner, as rumors swirl about her pregnancy and her current romantic partner in 2023.

In this article, we delve into the speculation surrounding Chelsea Meissner’s pregnancy and explore the question of who she may be dating, providing insights into the latest updates in her personal life.

Chelsea Meissner

Who Is Chelsea Meissner?

Chelsea Meissner is a famous hairstylist and reality show star from the United States. Most people recognize her from her appearances on the “Southern Charm” reality series and as the runner-up on “Survivor: One World” in 2012.

Chelsea was a finalist in the Miss Survivor competition in 2013 but came in second place to RC Saint-Amour. After joining the cast of Southern Charm during its fourth season in April 2017, Chelsea was promoted to a regular role in the show’s upcoming fifth season.

Chelsea Meissner

Is Chelsea Meissner pregnant?

Yes, US Magazine say that Chelsea Meissner is pregnant with her first child. She announced the news on Instagram on April 26, 2023, with a video of ultrasound pics and revealed that her due date is September 2023.

She did not confirm the sex of the baby in the post’s caption, but she hinted that she is having a baby girl with the video’s background music, which is the song “My Little Girl” by Jack Johnson. Recently She Post A Pic On Instagram About Her Pregnancy In Which Post She Wrote :

The circle of life is a powerful thing. When Tyson passed, I knew I could never love another soul nearly as much unless I had a child of my own.. now here we are with one on the way. You just never know what God has in store for you. I’m so fortunate to have strong women in my life who have paved the road for me to motherhood and lucky to have one hell of a boyfriend! Here’s to a thick girl summer🥵

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Who Is the Father of Chelsea Meissner’s Baby? 

She has decided to keep her personal life private, despite regularly updating her followers on her current activities via social media. During the summer of 2018, while she was still a cast member on Southern Charm, she went public with her relationship with professional sailor Nick Dana.

Nick’s job required him to travel frequently, so he missed much of the year. She last followed him on Instagram in January 2020 (when she shared a picture of Nick’s legs), and his account is private. She has not tied the knot as of yet. Like the rest of her life, her romantic connections are something she would rather keep under wraps.

She looked into the relationship status of her present lover but found nothing substantial. It’s conceivable she’s just being discreet about her love life. We will be sure to notify you if any new information becomes available. 

Chelsea Meissner

Who Is Chelsea Meissner Dating In 2023?

As of 2023, Chelsea Meissner is not dating anyone. However, in 2019, she was dating Nick Dana, a Newport, Rhode Island professional sailor.

Chelsea Meissner

Chelsea Meissner Dating History

Chelsea Meissner has been in a few significant relationships in the past. She dated Austen Kroll briefly and Nick Dana, a professional sailor from Newport, Rhode Island, but they are no longer together.

She has also been in a long-term relationship with professional baseball player Michael Kohn. She had an encounter with Shep Rose. As of 2023, Chelsea Meissner is not dating anyone.

Chelsea Meissner Dating History
Nick Dana and Chelsea Meissner’


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