Who is Sarah Brady? Why did she break up with Jonah Hill?

Sarah Brady, who used to date Jonah Hill, called him a “misogynist” and a “narcissist” on social media. On Friday night, she said mean things about the 39-year-old Superbad actor on Instagram by sharing screenshots of their past fights.

In the supposed messages from Hill, he spells out the rules for a “romantic partnership.” In 2021, Brady and Hill were together for almost a year.

Sarah Brady

Who is Sarah Brady?

Opoyi claims that Sarah Brady says she is an archaeologist, a surfer, a photographer, and an environmental campaigner. Her official website says she and her family lived in Encinitas, California as a kid.

Brady went to the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she got her bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and Sustainability and did her college work.

She then went to the University of California, San Diego, to study biology and climate change as her major. Brady has been a professional surfer since 2017.

Who is Sarah Brady

Tyler Warren Surfboards and The Seea for Swimwear are among the companies that pay him to surf. She has also given pictures to publications like Herewith Magazine and others.

In 2020, Brady worked as the community manager, digital marketing manager, and content manager for an app company called “The Tri.” She has also been a project manager and advocate for the Changing Tides Foundation (CTF) since the end of 2017.

Why did Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady break up?

A year after they started dating, she broke up with Jonah Hill. In her most recent post, Brady seemed to talk about how she felt about Hill.

Brady posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram and wrote, “Reviving a picture I took down because a misogynist narcissist asked me to.”

Brady also “liked” a user comment showing Jonah Hill was the accused “misogynist narcissist.” These claims come less than a month after the director and his girlfriend, Olivia Millar, had their first child.

When Jonah Hill and his ex-girlfriend Brady were together, they would wear similar clothes. At the ‘Don’t Look Up’ opening in 2021, the two wore matching light blue pantsuits with gold buttons and turquoise loafers. Jonah Hill praised and thanked his now-ex-girlfriend for ‘being the most helpful’ at the event.

“I went to the opening of @dontlookupfilm with my lady @sarahhbrady last night. Thank you for being the most helpful and best person. I love you,” he wrote on Instagram, adding, “Thank you to the amazing @ezrawoodsofficial for coming out of retirement to style us as glam space twins. Love you.”

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady

Hill and Brady were never officially engaged or married. After a year of dating, Brady did not discuss why they broke up. But in her most recent post, she talks about how she knows Hill. Brady posted a black-and-white picture on Instagram with the caption, “Reviving a pic I took down at the request of a misogynist narcissist.”

Brady said she decided to share the screenshots because she thought keeping the event secret was bad for her mental health.

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What did Sarah Brady say about Jonah Hill?

According to The Distin, Sarah Brady, who used to be with Jonah Hill, is talking about their relationship and saying that Hill was “emotionally abusive” during their time together. In a series of posts to her Instagram Story between Friday and Saturday, the surf teacher showed screenshots of what she said were her and the 39-year-old actor’s text messages.

“All girls should pay attention to this. If your partner talks to you this way, plan how to leave. “Call me if you need a listening ear,” Brady wrote, showing what he said were text messages from Hill asking her to remove any photos of her surfing with her “ass in a thong” from her Instagram.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady

After Brady said she deleted “all the posts,” the Superbad actor reportedly told her it was a “good start” but she didn’t “seem to get” his point. “But I don’t have the right to teach you. “I’ve made it clear where I stand,” Hill supposedly wrote. “You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to give up some of them, and I hope that makes you happy.” In another screenshot, Brady showed the ex-couple’s supposed text message exchange.

In it, Hill allegedly said that Brady is “not the right partner” for him if he wants to surf “with men,” “to model,” “to post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit,” and “to post sexual pictures.” In a follow-up post, Brady, who made her relationship with Hill public in August 2021, wrote, “I also struggle with mental health, but I don’t use it to control people like he did to me.”


She also said, “It’s been a year of healing and growth with the help of loved ones and doctors to get back to living my life without guilt, shame, and self-judgment for things as small as surfing in a swimsuit instead of a more modest wetsuit. And I’m sure I have a long way to go in getting better from this abuse.”

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady

The athlete then said that she and Hill had DM conversations in which Hill seemed to send several flirty comments about her surfing shots. In another post, Brady said, “I’m sharing this with the public now because keeping it to myself was hurting my mental health more than sharing it could ever do.”

Later, Brady sent Hill a message. Hill and her lover Olivia Millar had a baby earlier this year, so Brady wrote, “I hope my ex has a daughter” with a white heart emoji. She said, “Maybe she’ll turn him into a real feminist because it’s funny that he calls himself a feminist now.”


In another post, Brady said of Hill, “If I could have one wish for him, it would be that he is surrounded by feminist men who can hold him accountable to grow in the ways he has said he wants to.” “I think that fame can make people think alike, which can lead to emotionally abusive behavior,” she said.


In her last post, Brady wrote that just because someone is an emotionally abusive partner doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. Instead, he said, it’s often because of their trauma. “At the same time, that doesn’t mean it’s OK,” she said.

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