Who Is Asa Butterfield? A List Of His Movies And Tv Shows!

Asa Butterfield is an English actor. Butterfield began his acting career when he was a child. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008), in which he played the main character, was the first movie that made him famous. During the 2010s, he continued to be the main star of film. He was in Hugo (2011), Ender’s Game (2013), X+Y (2014), and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016), all of which were adventure/drama pictures.

Butterfield played a major role in the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education from 2019 to 2023. He has been nominated for three Young Artist Awards, two Critics’ Choice Awards, two Saturn Awards, and three British Independent Film Awards. In this article, we’ll delve into his impressive filmography, giving you a comprehensive list of his movies and TV shows.

Asa Butterfield

Who Is Asa Butterfield?

Asa Butterfield  was born on April 1, 1997, in Islington, London, England. Butterfield started acting when he went to the Young Actors’ Theatre Islington on Friday afternoons when he was seven. In 2006, he first appeared in the TV movie “After Thomas.” About a year later, in the action-drama “Son of Rambow,” he made his first movie appearance. In 2008, he played the central character Bruno in the Holocaust movie “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,” which got a lot of good reviews.

He gained recognition for his roles in movies such as “Hugo” (2011), “Ender’s Game” (2013), and “The Space Between Us” (2017). However, he is perhaps most well-known for his portrayal of Otis Milburn in the Netflix series “Sex Education,” a role that earned him critical acclaim.

A List Of Asa Butterfield Movies And TV Shows!

Movies List

Year Title Role
2007 Son of Rambow Brethren Boy
2008 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Bruno
2010 Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang Norman Green
2010 The Wolfman Younger Ben Talbot
2011 Hugo Hugo Cabret
2013 Ender’s Game Ender Wiggin
2014 X+Y (A Brilliant Young Mind) Nathan Ellis
2015 Ten Thousand Saints Jude Keffy-Horn
2016 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Jacob “Jake” Portman
2017 The House of Tomorrow Sebastian Prendergast
2017 Journey’s End Jimmy Raleigh
2017 The Space Between Us Gardner Elliot
2018 Then Came You Calvin Lewis
2018 Time Freak Stillman
2018 Slaughterhouse Rulez Willoughby Blake
2019 Greed Finn McCreadie
2022 Choose or Die Isaac
2022 Flux Gourmet Billy Rubin
2022 Your Christmas or Mine? James
2023 All Fun and Games Marcus Fletcher

Son Of Rambow (2007)

The 2007 comedy film Son of Rambow was written and directed by Garth Jennings. It was based on the film First Blood. The first time people saw the movie was at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2007. It was later shown at the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Glasgow Film Festival.

The movie takes place throughout one summer in Thatcher’s Britain. It is a coming-of-age story about two schoolboys who try to make a home movie based on First Blood.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (2008)

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas  is a 2008 historical drama film written and directed by Mark Herman. It is an adaptation of John Boyne’s 2006 novel of the same name. The story is set in Nazi-occupied Poland and revolves around the son of an SS officer who forms a friendship with a Holocaust prisoner of the same age. The film premiered in the United Kingdom on September 12, 2008.

Nanny Mcphee And The Big Bang (2010)

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, which came out in the U.S. and Canada as Nanny McPhee Returns, is a fantasy comedy from 2010. It was directed by Susanna White, produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Lindsay Doran, and had music by James Newton Howard. It was made by StudioCanal, Relativity Media, Working Title Films, and Three Strange Angels.

It’s a follow-up to the movie Nanny McPhee from 2005. Emma Thompson took it from the Nurse Matilda books by Christianna Brand and made it into a play. Thompson plays Nanny McPhee again, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans, Ewan McGregor, Asa Butterfield, and Maggie Smith also have roles in the movie. Thanks to Universal Pictures, the movie came out in theatres on August 20, 2010.

The Wolfman (2010)

The Wolfman is an American horror movie set in the past that came out in 2010. It was directed by Joe Johnston and written by Andrew Kevin Walker and David Self. It is a remake of the 1941 movie The Wolf Man, and Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving play in it.

The movie’s story is about an American actor who, after his brother is brutally killed, goes back to England, where he is bitten by a werewolf and cursed to turn into one.

Hugo (2011)

Hugo is an American action drama movie that came out in 2011. Martin Scorsese directed and produced the film, and John Logan turned the book into a movie script. Brian Selznick’s 2007 book The Invention of Hugo Cabret it tells the story of a boy who lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse train station in Paris in the 1930s. He gets involved in a mystery involving his late father’s automaton and the first director, Georges Méliès.

Ender’s Game (2013)

Ender’s Game is an American military science fiction action movie from 2013 based on the same-named 1985 book by Orson Scott Card. Gavin Hood wrote and directed the film, which stars Asa Butterfield as Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, a child with special skills who is sent to a military school in space to prepare for an alien attack. Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, and Viola Davis are also in the cast, along with Abigail Breslin and Ben Kingsley.

Ender's Game (2013)

X+Y (2014)

In the US, the 2014 British drama X+Y was called A Brilliant Young Mind. It was directed by Morgan Matthews and starred Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, and Sally Hawkins.

Ten Thousand Saints (2015)

Ten Thousand Saints is a 2015 American drama film written and directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. It is based on Eleanor Henderson’s book of the same name. Asa Butterfield plays Jude Keffy-Horn, the main character of the story in the movie.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

The 2016 fantasy movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was written by Jane Goldman and directed by Tim Burton. It was based on Ransom Riggs’s 2011 book of the same name. Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd, Allison Janney, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp, Ella Purnell, Judi Dench, and Samuel L. Jackson play essential roles in the movie.

The House of Tomorrow (2017)

The House of Tomorrow is an American comedy-drama movie from 2017 that stars Asa Butterfield and Alex Wolff. It was written and directed by Peter Livolsi. The film is based on the 2010 book by Peter Bognanni of the same name. It is Livolsi’s first time directing a movie. Ellen Burstyn and Nick Offerman were both in the film and in charge of making it.

The House of Tomorrow (2017)

Journey’s End (2017)

Journey’s End is a British war movie from 2017 based on a play by R. C. Sherriff from 1928. It was written by Simon Reade and helmed by Saul Dibb. It was shown at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in the “Special Presentations” area.

This is the fifth movie version of the play, after Journey’s End in 1930, The Other Side in 1931, Aces High in 1976, and Journey’s End, a BBC TV movie from 1988.

The Space Between Us (2017)

The Space Between Us is an American love science fiction movie in 2017. It was directed by Peter Chelsom and written by Allan Loeb, based on a story by Stewart Schill, Richard Barton Lewis, and Loeb. Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, and Carla Gugino play in the movie about a teen boy born on Mars and goes to Earth.

Then Came You (2018)

Then Came You, also called Departures, is an American love comedy-drama movie that came out in 2018. It was written and directed by Peter Hutchings and Fergal Rock. Asa Butterfield, Maisie Williams, Nina Dobrev, Tyler Hoechlin, David Koechner, Ken Jeong, and Peyton List are the actors who play roles in it.

Time Freak (2018)

Andrew Bowler wrote and directed the 2018 American science-fiction comedy-drama picture Time Freak, which is also called Time After Time. It came out in limited numbers and online on November 9, 2018.

Time Freak (2018)

Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)

Slaughterhouse Rulez is a 2018 comedy horror film directed by Crispian Mills. Written by Mills and Henry Fitzherbert, the film’s cast features Asa Butterfield, Finn Cole, Hermione Corfield, and Michael Sheen, with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.

Greed (2019)

Greed is a 2019 satirical black comedy movie written and directed by Michael Winterbottom. The movie stars Steve Coogan, David Mitchell, Asa Butterfield, Dinita Gohil, Sophie Cookson, Jonny Sweet, Asim Chaudhry, Shirley Henderson, and Isla Fisher. The movie is about Sir Richard McCreadie, who Coogan plays. He is a billionaire high-street fashion mogul partly based on Arcadia Group chairman Philip Green. The film is about the events leading up to his 60th birthday celebrations on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Choose or Die (2022)

Choose or Die is a 2022 British horror thriller by Toby Meakins. It is his first time directing a full-length movie. The film features Iola Evans, Asa Butterfield, Robert Englund, and Eddie Marsan.

Choose or Die (2022)

Flux Gourmet (2022)

Flux Gourmet is a 2022 black comedy picture written and directed by Peter Strickland. It stars Fatma Mohamed, Gwendoline Christie, Makis Papadimitriou, and Asa Butterfield.

Your Christmas Or Mine? (2022)

Your Christmas or Mine? It is a 2022 Christmas romantic comedy movie directed by Jim O’Hanlon and written by Tom Parry. Kate Heggie created it and stars Asa Butterfield, Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, and Cora Kirk.

All Fun And Games (2023)

All Fun and Games is a 2023 American horror movie written by Ari Costa, Eren Celeboglu, and JJ Braider. Costa and Celeboglu direct it, and Asa Butterfield and Natalia Dyer are in it. It is Costa and Celeboglu’s first time directing a full-length film.

All Fun And Games (2023)

TV Shows List

Year Title Role
2008 Ashes to Ashes Donny
2008–09 Merlin Mordred
2017 Thunderbirds Are Go Space Controller Conrad (voice)
2019–2023 Sex Education Otis Milburn
2020 50 States of Fright Brandon Boyd

Ashes To Ashes (2008)

Ashes to Ashes is a British TV show that follows up on Life on Mars. It is a fantasy crime drama and police procedural drama. In February 2008, the show first aired on BBC One. In April 2009, a second season started to air. From April 2 to May 21, 2010, a third and last season was shown on BBC One and BBC HD.

Merlin (2008–09)

Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure drama on TV. It is partly based on Arthurian legends about Merlin and King Arthur’s close relationship. It was made by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Johnny Capps, and Julian Murphy for the BBC from September 20, 2008, to December 24, 2012. five seasons of the show aired on BBC One. Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Richard Wilson, Anthony Head, and John Hurt were among the people on the show.

Thunderbirds Are Go (2017)

Thunderbirds Are Go is a science fiction television show made by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures. It uses both computer-generated animation and live-action models. It is a remake of the TV show Thunderbirds, which Gerry and Sylvia Anderson created. It follows the adventures of International Relief (IR), a relief organization run by the Tracy family from a secret island base in the Pacific Ocean. For land, sea, air, and space saves, they use high-tech vehicles. The most important is a set of cars called the Thunderbirds, which the five Tracy brothers fly.

Thunderbirds Are Go (2017)

50 States of Fright (2020)

50 States of Fright is a horror anthology series that launched on Quibi on April 6, 2020, for people who had already signed up and on April 13, 2020, for everyone else.

Sex Education (2019–2023)

Sex Education is a British TV series on Netflix. It’s about teenagers and adults in a town called Moordale dealing with personal problems, often about relationships and intimacy. The main cast includes Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Alistair Petrie, Mimi Keene, and Aimee Lou Wood.

The first season came out on January 11, 2019, the second on January 17, 2020, and the third on September 17, 2021. They announced a fourth and final season on September 25, 2021, and it was released on September 21, 2023.

Sex Education (2019–2023)

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