Will There Be A Sex Life Season 3? Is It Officially Cancelled or Renewed By Netflix?

Television viewers worldwide have eagerly anticipated the release of Sex Life Season 3. This iconic show has gained a massive following, with fans eager to see what happens next. However, the release date for Sex Life Season 3 is still yet to be announced, and fans are impatiently waiting on news from the show’s creators. Now that production for Sex Life Season 3 has wrapped up; many are wondering when they will get to watch it.


Will There Be A Sexlife Season 3?

Netflix has canceled the web series Sex/Life Season 3. Variety reported the news in April 2023. The spokesperson added to the deadline that the second season concluded storylines for key characters whose relationships had a happy ending, concluding that Netflix was pleased with the show. Fans may have anticipated the news after Shahi revealed the difficulties she encountered while filming the second season.

The first season of Sex/Life premiered on June 25, 2021, and the second was quickly ordered. The news that more raunch would be heating Netflix screens was announced in August 2021, but will the third season receive the same swift renewal? The cancellation of Sex/Life was confirmed to the trades on April 7, 2023, joining other high-profile cancellations for the year.

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Has The Cast Commented On The Cancellation?

Sarah recently revealed that filming season 2 was “challenging” behind the scenes, even though the cast has remained silent since the news broke. She said,

“I’m not going to put it down, but I did not have the support that I did the first season from the people involved in the show,”  “It became a much different thing for me, and I’m not afraid to say that. I struggled with the material. I just felt like it had the first season—I’m neveI’moing to work for Netflix again after saying all this, but I can’t lican’td it was a challenge.”


The cancellation of Sex Life Season 3 by Netflix devastates the show’s fanbase. Fans of the series anticipated seeing more of the likable and relatable characters. Netflix may have had valid reasons for canceling the show, but this does not alter the impact this decision has had on viewers. Fans can continue to watch and enjoy past episodes of Sex Life and anticipate new projects from the cast and crew.

Final Words

In conclusion, the cancellation of Sex Life Season 3 by Netflix significantly blows the show’s show’s following. Fans of the series were looking forward to seeing more from the charming and relatable characters. While Netflix may have had reasons for canceling the show, it does not change the impact this decision has had on viewers. Moving forward, fans can continue to watch and enjoy past episodes and look out for new projects from the cast and crew of Sex Life.

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