5 Actors Who Debuted Through Padmarajan Movies

Padmarajan is one of the most talented directors ever produced by the Malayalam film industry. He made artistic as well as entertaining movies. He has introduced some talented actors into the Malayalam film industry. Here is the list of those actors.

1. Jayaram

Actors Who Debuted Thorough Padmarajan Movies Jayaram

Padmarajan introduced Jayaram in 1988 movie Aparan. Jayaram did the role of Vishwanathan in the movie and well praised by critics and audience. The transition of Jayaram from a mimicry artist to a movie actor is really smooth and natural. He is one of the first mimicry artists who plays the lead role in a movie. Parvathy Jayaram acted as the sister of Jayaram’s character in this movie. After this movie, Jayaram became one of the favourite actors of Padmarajan and acted in movies like Moonnam Pakkam and Innale.

2. Ashokan

Actors Who Debuted Thorough Padmarajan Movies ashokan

Padmarajan introduced Ashokan through his directorial debut, Peruvazhiyambalam. Ashokan played the character of Raman, a 15-year-old boy who becomes a fugitive after killing Prabhakaran Pillai, a town bully, who raped his sister. It is one of the best performances ever delivered by Ashokan and he appeared in several Padmarajan movies such as Arappatta Kettiya Gramathil, Thoovanathumbikal, and Moonnam Pakkam.

3. Suhasini

Actors Who Debuted Thorough Padmarajan Movies suhasini

Alice teacher from the movie Koodevide is one of the most memorable movie characters ever done by charming actress Suhasini. Koodevide was the first Malayalam movie acted by Suhasini. Suhasini plays the role of a teacher at a convent school in Ooty. Koodevide is considered as a classic movie by Padmarajan won several State awards and was selected to Indian Panorama.

4. Rahman

Actors Who Debuted Thorough Padmarajan Movies rahman

Padmarajan also introduced Rahman, the teenage heartthrob of 1980s, through the movie Koodevide. Rahman won the Kerala State Film Award for second best actor for his performance in this movie. He was only 16 years old when acting in this movie and became one of the youngest Malayalam heroes ever. He has also acted in Padmarajan movies such as Kariyilakkattupole and Moonnam Pakkam.

5. Shari

Actors Who Debuted Thorough Padmarajan Movies namuk parkan munthirithopukal

Shari, the actress with hypnotic eyes landed into the Malayalam film industry through the Padmarajan movie Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal in 1986. She has appeared in another Padmarajan movie Desadanakkili Karayarilla in the same year. She does justice to all these characters and received the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress for the movie Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal.

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