‘The Kerala Story’ Shooting Locations: Discover the Enchanting Shooting Locations Where Magic Came to Life!

People are encouraging a lot about the movie ‘The Kerala Story,’ so people have started debating about it somewhere. The Kerala Story movie has become a topic of discussion among people nowadays. In this movie, an attempt has been made to make people aware of a critical issue.

Somewhere people are encouraging a lot about this movie, and somewhere people have started debating about it. If we talk about the shooting location of this movie, then this place is not only famous in the state but also in Kerala is counted among the favorite places of honeymoon couples. As per different sources, the film was shot at the following places in Kerala.

‘The Kerala Story’ Shooting Locations


The most liked tourist place in Kerala is Munnar, which is situated at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level. Munnar is counted among the most preferred locations for couples. Where thousands of couples come every year to celebrate their honeymoon, this place is known for its fragrant tea gardens. At the same time, the mountains covered with mist make it even more beautiful.



Thekkady of Kerala is a beautiful place in the forests, primarily known as Tiger Reserve. This place is located near the Kerala and Tamil border, where many tourists from the country and abroad visit.

Tiger Reserve is known as the main attraction here. It is spread over an area of ​​about 777 square kilometers. More than 60 mammal and 265 bird species can be seen here.

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Kovalam is a lovely and luxurious place just a few kilometers from Trivandrum. There are many famous beaches, and apart from this, there are many favorite tourist places, including Light House, Karamana River, Vellayani Lake, Valiyathura Ghat, and Kovalam Art Gallery. If you visit Kerala, don’ miss this place.



Like the city of Venice in Italy, Alleppey in Kerala is wonderful. The beautiful natural scenery here is enough to win people’s hearts. You can enjoy Gondola Rice in the middle of the blue water visible on the beach. At the same time, the greenery here gives you a feel like a foreign country.


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