Why Is The Kerala Story Controversial? Everything You Need To Know!

The recently released hindi language film “The kerala story” has created a stir among viewers and critics alike. Directed by sudipto sen, the movie explores the controversial topic of “Love jihad,” a conspiracy theory propagated by right-wing hindutva groups that allege muslim men target hindu women to convert them.

Premiering on May 5, 2023, has generated acclaim and criticism from different sections of society. However, following its release, the movie quickly became the center of nationwide controversy, with many accusing it of fostering hatred towards Muslims and perpetuating Islamophobia. This article will delve into the details of “The Kerala story” and explore the controversies it has sparked.

The Kerala Story

What Is The Controversy Around The Kerala Story?

The Kerala Story: Story

Directed by sudipto sen, the movie “The kerala story” is about four young women from different parts of kerala who are training to become nurses. These women convert to islam and become radicalized, eventually joining the islamic state (isis). The movie centers around a hindu, a christian, and a communist girl who share a room with a girl named asifa.

Later in the movie, it is revealed that asifa is a member of isis and is tasked with brainwashing non-muslim girls to become muslim and fight for isis. She hires two young muslim men to date them and convince them to convert to islam. The movie depicts the girls being taken to syria, where they are forced to have sexual relations with men.

The movie claims that “Love jihad” has resulted in the conversion of around 32,000 non-muslim girls to islam so far. The character of shalini unnikrishnan, also known as fatima, is played by Bollywood’s actress adah sharma. She narrates the story from an isis prison in afghanistan, where she is being held as a prisoner/fighter.

The movie caused controversy even before its release, particularly in November 2022 when a teaser was released claiming that 32,000 girls had been kidnapped and forced to become muslim to join isis.

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Petition Filed Against The Release Of Film

Several groups in Kerala held protests and demanded that the movie not be released. However, the Division Bench of the Kerala High Court refused to ban it and rejected a petition against its release. Justices N Nagaresh and Sophy Thomas stated that the movie does not say anything negative about Islam or Muslims in general; instead, it focuses on ISIS. “What is against Islam? There is no allegation that the religion is wrong. The accusation is against ISIS,” the judge stated.

The court further noted that the film did not offend any community as a whole and that the petitioners had not even seen the movie. Justice Nagaresh remarked that many films portray Hindu sannyasis as drug smugglers or robbers, but nothing is done about it, and no one speaks out. The court also mentioned that the censor board had reviewed the film and that the producers had provided a disclaimer stating that the movie is fictional. The court stated that it was not inclined to pass an interim order to stop the movie’s screening.

The court asked the petitioners how a work of fiction could lead to sectarianism and conflict in society and stated that secular Kerala would accept the movie for what it was. The court also asked what was wrong with the movie and why it was wrong to say that God is only Allah. The court stated that people are free to believe in their religion and spread that belief. The court asked, “What was wrong with the caravan?”

West Bengal Government Bans The Film

On 12 May 2023, The West Bengal Government Announced Its Decision To Ban The Film.

News agency ani quoted chief minister of west bengal, Mamata Banerjee as saying,

“west bengal government has decided to ban the movie the kerala story. This is to avoid any incident of hatred and violence, and to maintain peace in the state.”

She also said, “what is the kashmir files? It is to humiliate one section. What is the kerala story?… It is a distorted story.” reacting to the decision, film producer vipul shah said, “if that is what she has done, we will take legal action. Whatever is possible under the provisions of law, we will fight.”

Rewards Announced For Proof

Lawyers and activists have even offered rewards to anyone who can show that the claims in the film are true. The kerala state committee of the muslim youth league has offered a reward of Rs. 1 crore to anyone who can prove the claims made in the film. On may 4, ani reported, centres will open in every district for people to bring proof.

“Prove that 32,000 keralites changed their religion and ran away to syria. Take up the challenge and send in the proof,” the committee’s poster said.

A muslim lawyer and actor recently remarried his wife under the special marriage act (sma) to protect their daughters’ financial security. He has offered Rs 11 lakh to anyone who can prove that 32 women from kerala converted and joined the islamic state.

The Kerala Story Crew Member Receives Threat Message

The Mumbai Police say that a member of the Kerala Story crew got a threat message from an unknown number.

“The Message Threatened The Said Person Not To Step Out Alone From Home And That They Didn’t Do A Good Thing By Showing The Story,” Police Said.

Major Political Leaders React To The Controversy

The Kerala Story Also Triggered A Massive Political Row With Major Political Leaders Reacting To The Controversy. The President Of The Country’s Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (Bjp), Jp Nadda, Praised The Movie By Saying That It Shows A New, Poisonous Form Of Terrorism That Doesn’t Use Weapons.

“There’s a new type of terrorism which is without ammunition, the kerala story exposes that poisonous terrorism. We have heard of terrorism that involves guns, weapons, and ammunition. But this is a dangerous kind of terrorism. This kind of terrorism isn’t related to any state or religion,” he said.

“The movie shows how youths are being influenced and made to follow wrong paths,” the bjp chief added.

During an election rally in Karnataka, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also supported the movie, saying that it is based on a terror conspiracy and shows the ugly truth about terrorism.

“The kerala story is based on a terror conspiracy. It shows the ugly truth of terrorism and exposes the design of terrorists,” pm modi said.

On The Other Hand, The Leader Of The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Mla Jitendra Awhad, Criticised The People Who Made The Movie And Called For The Producer To Be Publicly Hanged.

“Under The Name Of The Kerala Story, A State And Its Women Were Defamed. The Official Figure Of Three Was Projected As 32,000. The Person Who Produced This Fictional Movie Should Be Hanged In Public,” The Ncp Leader said To ANI.

Bollywood Celebrities React To The Kerala Story Controversy

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri took to Twitter and told the cast and crew of the film that their “lives will not be the same” as they “will receive unimaginable hate.” In this Post He Wrote:

“Cinema and indic renniasance:  #the kerala story.

I grew up listening to great filmmakers and cinema critics that the only purpose of art is to provoke people into questioning their own beliefs and biases. I also grew up listening that cinema reflects the reality of society. I was told that cinema must destroy old gods and create new gods,” vivek started the thread on twitter.

“I have come to realise that in modern times, cinema has the power to do what media and politics can`t do. It can present uncomfortable reality, correct history, fight culture war and also become the soft power of a nation for larger interest. In india, making such cinema is not easy.”

“I tried it with buddha in a traffic jam, the tashkent files and the kashmir files. I have been physically, professionally, socially and psychologically assaulted.” And More

The Kerala Story Tax free In These States

Haryana’s chief minister manohar lal khattar declared the controversial movie ‘the kerala story’ tax-free within the state. The film has also been made tax-free in several bjp-ruled states such as madhya pradesh and uttarakhand. Yogi adityanath, the chief minister of uttar pradesh, took to his twitter account to announce that the film will be exempt from taxes in the state.  In This Post He Wrote:

‘The Kerala Story’ उत्तर प्रदेश में टैक्स फ्री की जाएगी।

Up: Cm Yogi Cabinet Ministers Watch ‘the Kerala Story’ At Lok Bhawan In Lucknow

On 12 may 2023, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath And His Cabinet Ministers Went To A Special Showing Of The Movie “The Kerala Story” At The Lok Bhawan In Lucknow. Taking A Shot At The Congress, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Cm Keshav Prasad Maurya Said That The Congress Party Plays “Appeasement Politics” And That It Is Only Because Of The Pm Narendra Modi Government That India Can Watch Films Like “The Kerala Story” And “Kashmir Files.”

The Film Has Also Sparked Social Media Campaigns

The movie has also started social media campaigns. People have been sharing cases of religious harmony in Kerala using hashtags like #MyKeralaStory and #RealKeralaStory.

The Kerala Story Movie Review And Box Office Collection

If we Talk About Movie Reviews, Some mainstream critics liked the movie, and some didn’t. One said the movie’s “thoughts about Islam and [religious] conversion seem to have been taken from hate-filled WhatsApp groups.” 

But for a movie with a small budget and no big star, it has done “extraordinary” well at the box office. Is getting closer and closer to becoming a member of the 150 Crore Club. The movie has made a total of 147.04 crores in India so far.

On Tuesday, Film Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh Shared A Poster For The Movie On Twitter. He Wrote, #TheKeralaStory is not slowing down soon… Hits double digits on [second] Mon, HIGHER than [first] Mon – ₹ 10.03 cr… All set to cross ₹ 150 cr today [second Tue]… [Week 2] Fri 12.35 cr, Sat 19.50 cr, Sun 23.75 cr, Mon 10.30 cr. Total: ₹ 147.04 cr. #India biz. #Boxoffice

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